What we're about

This group is for anyone interested in playing board games, party games, card games, classic games, Euro games, etc. We're a pretty laid back group so we may play a lot of Euro games at one event and lots of party games at another. It just depends on what people want to play at that event. Go with the flow. We also try to do events that either mix games with something else or just something else for fun. Singles or couples, all are welcome.

I do recycle so I have a blue recyling bin.

Late policy: My events go for several hours, so it's generally fine to come later than the start time.

Drinking: If you're legally permitted, then you can but keep it reasonable and light.

Business: If your account and actions seems primarily focused on promoting your business, you may be warned/banned.

Upcoming events (5)

Gloomhaven Campaign II (Online)

David's House

This is Gloomhaven campaign #2. Online only until further notice. Gloomhaven is a cooperative dungeon crawler with some Euro game mechanics.

Gloomhaven Campaign III (Online)

David's House

This is Gloomhaven campaign #3. This campaign will only be played online for the time being. Gloomhaven is a cooperative dungeon crawler with some Euro game mechanics.

Star Wars: Imperial Assault or Star Wars: Rebellion

Email will be sent one day in advance to

The Imperial Assault game will utilize the Legends of the Alliance app to control the Imperial units while up to 4 players work together as heroes of the rebel alliance forces. Or if you prefer up to 4 players including myself can play Rebellion. New players may request a tutorial if needed. Be sure to request the address if needed when you RSVP. Due to an apparant lack of interest I will withdraw this event after 3 consecutive Meetup events with no participants.

Game Night (Online)

David's House

So for the time being we're going to organize games on virtual tabletops or via messenger. RSVP and we can see what we can set up. Boardgame Arena and Tabletop Simulator are two options. There are some games we can do remotely using voicechat and webcams.

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Gloomhaven Campaign I (Online)

David's House

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