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This group is for anyone interested in playing board games, party games, card games, classic games, Euro games, etc. We're a pretty laid back group so we may play a lot of Euro games at one event and lots of party games at another. It just depends on what people want to play at that event. Go with the flow. We also try to do events that either mix games with something else or just something else for fun. Singles or couples, all are welcome.

I do recycle so I have a blue recyling bin.

Late policy: My events go for several hours, so it's generally fine to come later than the start time.

Drinking: If you're legally permitted, then you can but keep it reasonable and light.

Business: If your account and actions seems primarily focused on promoting your business, you may be warned/banned.

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Email will be sent one day in advance to

The game will begin with a brief tutorial for the benifit of those who have never played or need a refresh. So new players are welcome. The game session start time can be altered to provide the best fit for those participating. The game can also repeat if there is an interest to do so. In StarCraft: The Board Game, players battle for galactic domination on a dynamic board of interconnected planets. Planetary setup is already part of the game - every player gets two planets to place, and will place their starting base on one of them. Planets are connected with direct and "Z-Axis" connections that are placed during setup, but can sometimes later be modified during the game, and movement is only possible within planets and through those connections (by means of purpose-built transports). Each player controls a faction out of six, that belongs to one race out of three - Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss. Each faction has a unique special victory condition, but all factions can also win through victory points that are gained by controlling special areas on some of the planets. Players build units and base upgrades with the resources they gather from the planetary areas that they control, and gain access to additional unit types through those upgrades.

Iron Kingdoms RPG: A Steampunk Campaign

David's House

Our campaign is based on an Investigator team set-up using the Iron Kingdoms system. This will repeat every other Friday. New people are welcome.

Gloomhaven Campaign II

David's House

This is Gloomhaven campaign #2. Gloomhaven is a cooperative dungeon crawler with some Euro game mechanics. Park in visitor spots, the circle, or along the road next to the basketball/tennis courts.

Gloomhaven Campaign III

David's House

This is Gloomhaven campaign #3. Gloomhaven is a cooperative dungeon crawler with some Euro game mechanics.

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Gloomhaven Campaign I

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