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Boardgame Monkeys is a meetup group for BOARDGAMERS and ROLEPLAYERS in Brussels.

All of our events are conducted in English. We are open to players of all skill levels, so whether you are an experienced gamer or just interested in finding more about the hobby, come and join us. Please note that this group is for people interested in modern boardgames and generally does not cater to players of traditional games such as Chess, Go etc.

BGM hosts two kinds of events:

- Join and Play!/No Work All Play!: Anybody can come and join a large group of gamers for a game. These sessions take place on the first and third Wednesday of the month. Join the event and indicate in the comments what table you would like to join.

- Afterwork/Weekend Sessions: Individual game tables hosted by our event organisers any day of the week. Just join the event and you are good to go.

Once you are a member of the group, you are free to join either type of event. Please always RSVP before attending. Over time, you might become interested in hosting tables yourself. If that is the case, you might qualify for organizer status after a while.

If you have any questions about how anything in the group works, contact our Membership Manager, Gianluca. If you would like to a host table yourself, after having played a few times with us, please also get in touch with him and he can set up events for you.

Lastly, if you have any complaints or concern, get in touch with the BGM President, Oliver.

You can find many of us on Discord here: https://discord.gg/K37h2zZ

Please note the following rules:

- We have more than 20 Event Organizers who are hosting regular tables to share their passion. Respect their time, energy and explanations. Be on time for your session!

- We bring our personal games with us or borrow one from a games library. If you damage a game or component during a session, please note that you are expected to pay on the spot the store price or Kickstarter price of the full game and take the damaged game home.

- We play at the Outpost Brussels (our main sponsor) and we expect that you will order drink and/or food to support them and us in return. It is only fair as you will play for free with our group.

- No-shows are frowned upon and may lead to your removal from the group if no adequate reason is provided. Especially for Afterwork Sessions, one person not showing up might spoil the game for everybody!

- Late-cancellations (= cancelling less than 24 hours before the event) can also lead to removal from the group if it occurs repeatedly, as it will often be hard to find a replacement at short notice.

-Please don’t block the messaging function on Meetup. Your table hosts may need to get in touch with you.

Happy Gaming!

Upcoming events (5+)

Weekend Session: Nemeton

Outpost Game Center

A nice game from last Essen. Players play druids that explore the forest, collect elements for potions and gather animal spirits. There are four phases of each turn: in the night, you place the moon so it will shine on a similar terrain and make the flowers bloom in that direction. At dawn, the moon tile becomes part of a forest and determines the next tile to be added to the forest. During day, you move around the forest collecting resources, brewing potions and befriending animal spirits that give you new powers for future turns. At dusk, if the druid manages to be the first to accomplish one of the special goals, he gets one more resource and bonus points. Once his turn is over, it‘s the turn of the next player until all players have laid down their 10 "Forest" tiles, when game ends. Then the players must count their reputation points: Each potion gives the points indicated on the card. The goals show the number of points given. The animals give points depending on the different streaks. Each triskel gives two points. The player with the most reputation points wins the game. Link to BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/255990/nemeton

After work Session : The bloody inn

Outpost Game Center

From BGG: "France 1831: In a remote corner of Ardèche, the little village of Peyrebeille sees numerous travelers pass through. A family of greedy rural farmers is determined to make its fortune and has devised a diabolical stratagem to achieve this goal: Invest in an inn so they can rob traveling guests, getting rich without arousing the suspicions of the police! Whether or not their plan will work out, one thing is certain: Not every guest will leave this inn alive." We'll be playing with the French version but text on cards is minimal and can be easily memorized.

Afterwork Session - Railways of The World

Outpost Game Center

Map used will depend on the # of players we have: 2 - Mexico 3 - Nippon 4 - Europe 5 - Eastern US 6 - Western US A video explaining how the (Europe) game is played is available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPSrOFIEJfg&t=678s or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vpt67gx8w7E&t=36s . From BGG Railways of the World (2009) is the new edition of the base game for Eagle Games' popular Railways of the World series, first published as Railroad Tycoon in 2005. It re-implements the original game with several improvements. Revisit the early days of the Age of Steam as you begin with a locomotive (the venerable John Bull, the first locomotive to run in North America) and a vision (your Tycoon "mission" card). From there, build your budding railroad network into a vast empire. Connect New York to Chicago, earn the most money, develop bigger and faster locomotives and maybe even span North America and build the Transcontinental Railway! Multiple expansions featuring different maps are available.

Afterwork session: the Networks (Executives)

Outpost Game Center

Will: "Charly, the numbers are dropping." Charly: "I know, I know. It is you with your mission to civilize. What were you thinking." Will: "What we are doing is good." Charly: "I agree, but this is a business. We need viewers. And the others are eating us alive." Will: "What others?" Charly: "You know, cheapo, beeb, butcher, and the rest of the bunch." Yes, in the Networks you try to gain viewers for the shows you program on your channel. ##Disclaimer: the picture has no relation to the game but for the theme and the fact that the series (the Newsroom) and the game (the Networks) are magnificent.## --------------------------------- **About the game** In The Networks, you and your opponents are new television networks, and you need new programming. For this, you’ll need Shows, Stars, and Ads. SHOWS need Stars and Ads. STARS give you bonus viewers (points), and ADS give you extra money. You’ll need everything you can get; you'll have a small amount of resources and time, and you must grab the latest hot show before your opponents. And some Stars will give their best effort only if you put them on in the proper conditions. For example, some Stars only want to be put on dramas. Other Stars want to be the only Star on the show. And your Ads will give you the most money only if you put them on in the correct time slot. Finally, Shows age and viewers lose interest, so you have to keep your line-up FRESH by canceling shows and sending them into reruns. Fortunately, you can get viewers from your reruns, and you'll get bonuses if you get a lot of shows of the same genre throughout the game. If you need a special push, Network Cards can give you special powers — but will a Network Card be better than another action? You'll have to make that call. The player with the most viewers after five seasons wins! If the players around the players are ok with it, we can try to include the expansion "executives", which makes the game asymmetric. --------------------------------- **References** On BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/72321/networks https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/226711/networks-executives If you want to look at a video of the rules, here are a few suggestions (one should be enough, and even that is not necessary as I'll explain anyway, or recap just to be sure). I have put them in order of personal preference (discarding any non-English videos which I actually consider better): 1 - Vasel (you know, 12 min): https://youtu.be/SNZyf-IYOQw 2 - Rules and review by Game Boy Geek (14 min) : https://youtu.be/OoMmRXB6eaE 3 - Indietabletop (short but scruffy, 6 min): https://youtu.be/-wWjahyjioQ 4 - Run-through Rahdo (you know, 35 min): https://youtu.be/HPrhTi-sCCY 5 - Official "how-to-play" (step 1 of 4 videos, kind of boring and long): https://youtu.be/yJcTDeG5a0Q For the executives expansion: BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/226711/networks-executives As for videos: 1 - Video of the creator explaining (8.5 min): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzQQM_d9qiY 2 - Kickstarter video to show the add ons (3 min): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rAlg945bSs 3 - Kidcardco (8.5 min): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d194S8-wvGU --------------------------------- **Organiser notes** It is a Wednesday, so I didn't reserve at the Outpost, but they say in generally that is no problem. I need to be on the train of 22h32. The game should only take 90 minutes. If we can start rule explanation at 19 at the latest, we should be good. There is quite some leeway.

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