BGC OTK Twilight Xmas


OTK Cheras' annual TWILIGHT XMAS is back this December! Mecatol Rex needs to be earned and for that we'll be running TI3 (#notTI4) with both expansions.

Who is this for:
1) You need to have already played TI3/TI4 and are very familiar with the rules as we start 10 sharp with no rules briefing, or
2) You are a complete beginner to TI3/TI4 and would like to learn the game.

When do we start:
10 am sharp. Setup time would be 930 am if you want to come and help.

When do we end:
Our format is always R10E6 ie race to 10 pts or end in 6 hr so this should end latest 5pm (inculding lunch break).

Cost: RM15.
You'll get a RM10 rebate voucher for your next purchase from our webstore (T&C applies)

Q: I am very familiar with TI4 - can I join?
A: Yes. We can brief you quickly on the differences. Shouldn't be any issue.

Q: I have not played any of the TI3 or TI4 at all but have done some heavy Euros - can I join?
A: Yes subject to us being able to get a table of 3-4 for the Beginner table. If there are enough quorum, we'll be happy to set up TI3 on that table and teach.

Q: How many tables / players you are looking for?
A: We'll be looking to host either one or two sessions, each of them 4 or 6 players (so that means either 4/6/8/10/12 players). Allocations of seats will be on FIFO basis

Q: Are you using EVERYTHING from both expansions?
A: Haha, no. We'll advise those who are coming which modules are in play. For the Beginner table, we'll likely start with just the base camp and one or two minor add-ons from the expansions.

Questions: Ping us here or email [masked]

About the host/venue: BOARDGAMECAFE.NET

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