OTK 18xx Hot Saturday 15/2


As a run-up to an upcoming event, BGC would be hosting more 18xx sessions for us to introduce this wonderful genre to more board gamers. Come join us and learn the 18xx system, and unlock the multitudes of 18xx maps for you to explore!

This session is open to all levels of 18xx gamers, even if you are new to the 18xx system. However as the 18xx series is rated "heavy" with each session lasting upwards of 4 hours, you should be someone who loves long hours of heavy gaming. :)

Theme: 18xx
Venue: OTK Cheras
Date: 15 Feb 2020 (Sat)
Time: 1230 to 2100 (or later)

Event Fees: Free
Walk-ins: Yes subject to available seats

Questions: Ping us here or email [masked]

i. Some of us would gather up for lunch before the event. If you wish to join us for lunch, let us know in the comments
ii. This is a "free" event
iii. Do let us know if you are new to the 18xx system and we'll make sure a facilitator is on hand to brief you on the rules

Picture Credit:
The pic is of Japan railway from the Seishun 19 Kippu website

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