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As part of Boardgamecafe.net's outreach programme, we'll be collaborating with our partner boardgame cafes to host board game meetups outside of our regular OTK Fri Meetups ( which we've been hosting since 2005).

Whether you are a veteran board gamer, or just someone who's new to this hobby and wishes to explore, you can find a meetup here that suits you. We hope the blend of each boardgame cafe's ambience & hospitality with our deep background in boardgaming will contribute to an awesome boardgame session for you!

Feel free to browse thru the list of games in Boardgamecafe.net's extensive game library, from which we'll dip into depending on the theme of the meetup sessions. As one of Boardgamegeek's Herculean Board Game Collectors, we've a growing library of over 3,000 titles.


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If our meetup dates are not convenient for you, do check out the meetup dates of our other meetup collaborators and boardgame cafe partners:

(coming soon).

Lastly if you are looking to buy some of the board games seen here, you can head over to our webstore or if you are in the Klang Valley, just drop by our OTK Cheras shop!

Webstore: https://boardgamecafe.biz


p/s If you are a parent with young children (under 13 yo) and looking to join board game sessions, head over to our sister BoardgameKids Meetup group where age-appropriate games are planned for each session according to the children's age group.


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OTK Italian Trios Sat 26/9

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OTK Choo-choo Train 19/9

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OTK Msia Macher Wed 16/9

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OTK Capstone Three Sat 12/9

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