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Playing boardgames (and games without boards!) ... we have events for people who like Party games such as Taboo, Scrabble, Pictionary, Apples to Apples etc... and events for those who prefer Strategy board games like Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Thurn and Taxis etc... Meet people and have fun! For events in and around Melbourne, Australia.

Read Here (http://www.meetup.com/Boardgames-group-party-and-strategy-games/about/) for more details about what games we play and how the group functions.

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Gamers @ Dockers

Good Games

Gamers@Dockers meet up every Thursday at the Good Games store. Gamers@Dockers welcomes anybody who wants to have a fun night playing some modern, mostly strategic, board games. There are no rules around what we play, however you are more likely to stumble across us playing Eurogames than anything else (see below for details). Gamers@Dockers was born in 2004 and has continued as a weekly event ever since. In 2013 it relocated from its historical place of residence in the Docklands. The name may no longer make sense, but it’s part of the charm. When should I get there? Dockers starts around 6 pm (with most people, like me, arriving by 6:30 pm) and continues until Good Games closes (somewhere between 10:00 – 11:00 pm). We typically allow plenty of time for people to arrive and play short 5 to 30 minute games until around 6:30-7:00pm when we aim to kick off the longer games. If you think you will arrive later than 7:00pm it helps to let us know to avoid missing out. Just look for the people with board games in front of them and there's a fair chance its Gamers@Dockers (sometimes we actually remember and put out a sign - especially if you let us know you are coming). Good Games is open much earlier than 6 pm if you want to arrive early and make a day of it. Games we play... As I said, we mostly play Eurogames. • What does that mean? Try this https://www.meetup.com/Boardgames-group-party-and-strategy-games/pages/2954162/Euro_Games__What_are_they_/. • Still not sure, well lately we have been playing games such as Terraforming Mars, Concordia, Century Spice Road, Le Havre, Jump Drive and Lisboa. Check them out online. We tend to be a fairly experienced bunch of gamers and there are so many new games coming out all the time that we tend to not play many of the beginner or gateway games such as: Ticket To Ride, Settlers of Catan, or Carcassone. However, almost every week we are trying out a new game, so we are willing to teach games and we are more than happy to have new players along to learn how to play with us. Who knows what awesome new game you haven't tried yet. Parking and Other Useful Information • Street parking available, however it is metered until at least 7:30pm (approx. $5.50 per hour) and the meters are only 1 hour meters. • There are multi storey car parks close by with all night parking for around $9 from 5pm ($6.50 if booked online). • There are snack foods, ice creams and drinks sold in the store (at pretty reasonable prices). • Please respect that this is a place of business, however there are plenty of friendly gamers in here either as part of Dockers or as part of Good Games regular customers.

Gamezilla - board games at Izakaya Chuji Japanese Restaurant

Izakaya Chuji Japanese Restaurant


GAMEZILLA is a popular board game meetup at one of Melbourne's oldest Japanese restaurants, Izakaya Chuji. GAMEZILLA runs two nights a week (Tuesday & Thursday) and attracts between 60 to 80 board gamers each night, be sure to RSVP! Enjoy a game, meet people and savour food and drinks from the reasonably priced menu. We meet on the second floor of the restaurant. Just walk to the back where the counter is and head up the stairs. If you arrive before 6pm feel free to grab a snack/drink in the restaurant or the sake bar NIHONSHU next door – it’s the door with the red sign. What do we play? We love all modern board games, everything fromTicket to Ride to the latest big Fantasy Flight game. Anything that is fun to play is welcome! You can bring your own games, or choose one from our selection of 150+ games. Cost? Our entry fee is $2. This goes towards keeping our game library full of fun stuff to play: https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/GamezillaGames We also hope you will support the venue with an order of food and or drinks. Thanks! If you are a newcomer, our hosts are happy to teach you, and our regulars are the friendliest folks in Melbourne. We look forward to meeting you! Our sponsors Gamezilla is sponsored by Campaign Coins, makers of fine metal coins for gaming. http://www.campaigncoins.com And Kaiju Beer, monstrously good beers brewed in Melbourne! http://www.kaijubeer.com.au A note about Disability Access: We regret that Gamezilla does not offer disability access at this stage. Our play area is upstairs.

Werbrary Games - Eurogaming in the Werribee Library

Werribee Library

Looking for some Western social table top gaming? We-e-e-e-ll, tell your friends, bring your family (and your favourite cardboard..!) The Werbrary Gaming sessions are up and running! WHAT: Social tabletop gaming for the discerning gentleman and lady. Youths and children must be appropriately accompanied. 4th Saturday of the Month, 10 - 3 Ask me if you have any questions!

Northern Suburbs Euro Gamers

Croxton Park Hotel

Join NSEG (Northern Suburbs Eurogamers) for an afternoon of board and card games of every style at the Croxton Park Hotel in Thornbury. We’ll be playing in the Bistro room, we'll be the ones with games on tables! What sort of games do we play? We have: * Games for beginners (which we call gateway games) like Ticket To Ride, Carcassonne, Splendour, Small World and King of Tokyo. * Strategy (Euro) games like Power Grid, Lords of Waterdeep, Village, Imperial and Suburbia. * Thematic games (that involve lots of dice and role play) like Betrayal at House on the Hill and Dead of Winter. * Party Games (quick and easy games) like Resistance, Spyfall and Time’s Up. * Card Games like Love Letter, Uno, Fluxx, Bohanza, Red7, Munchkin. * And much much more! And if you love a game, bring it along and show us… maybe we’ve never heard of it and will love it too! We do a rules explanation before each game (unless everyone has played it before) so don’t worry if you’ve never played (or heard) of any of these games… we welcome new players! Cost: A $3 donation is requested towards the costs of running the event. If you can't spare it, please come anyway - we would rather have as many players as possible. Have you considered taking a membership in Melbourne Meeples? Members do not have to pay for any of our events (including Meeplecon), and get discounts at participating retailers. Speak to any committee member for more details. The bistro has all the pub classics and tasty little bites… check out the menu here https://www.facebook.com/pg/CroxtonParkHotel/menu/?business_id=893971797301819 How to get there: By Car: If you’re driving there is a small carpark across the road. By Tram: you can jump on the 86 and get off at the corner of High St and Darebin Rd [Details at: http://ptv.vic.gov.au/route/view/1881]. By Train: Jump on the South Morang line, get off at Croxton station and walk east to High Street.

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