Altona Meadows Library Boardgames

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Every First Saturday of the Month is Eurogames and Card Based Games at Altona Meadows Library. Everyone is welcome but keep in mind that we'll be sticking to the above types of games. So example for Eurogames I mean games like Settlers of Catan and Istanbul. With Card Based Games I mean games like Dominion, Splendour, Love Letter or even Chrononauts. For those of you who are more into Co-Op games and Strategy I'd suggest our session that we'll be running on the Third Saturday of Every Month.

Altona Meadows Library is a nice venue, and if I can get the numbers up we might be able to use one of their meeting rooms for free. It's also around the corner from the local Shopping Mall/Centre so it's easy to get a quick snack between games.

What are Eurogames? Several definitions here. (

For a more humorous definition of the different genres of games visit here (