EGF: Bring a friend, bring a game, Welcome to play our our Eurogames


First & Third Sunday of every month

Time: 10am till 6pm
Venue: 52 Wadham Parade,
Mt Waverley, 3149, Victoria
(Melway 61 E12 (

* $4.00 entry fee *

* Tea & Coffee making facilities available *

* Heated for those COLD winter days *

What is Euro Games Fest?

EGF Melbourne ( has been running for many years and now in a new location. We pride ourselves as a full day outing for any gamers wishing to find others who enjoy their passion. Whilst the name suggests Euro games, our play is not restricted to this genre with many wargamers, ameritrash fans, role players and others regularly attending.

Do I need to bring my own games ?

The club has a collection of games including titles such as 7 Wonders (, Alhambra (, Ra (, Puerto Rico (, El Grande (, Wars of the Roses (, Medici (, Settlers of Catan (, Loopin Louie (, Chinatown (, Tichu (, No Merci (, Mystery Express (, Antike (, I'm the Boss (, Tigris & Euphrates (, Acquire (, Terra Nova (, Oltre Mare (, Wrott & Swindlers (, Bluff (, Cash & Guns (, Lord of the Rings (, Drunter & Druber (, Undercover, Kingdom Quest (, Stone Age (, Amun Re (, Cleopatra & the Society of Architects ( Bring your own games or join in others.

But I don't know any Eurogames !

Most games include someone who has not played the game before, so there is always someone new at the table for every game.

Who's coming ?

About 10-15 over and above those who RSVP through this meetup will be in attendance.

How to get there !

Plenty of parking available on site, obey the parking signs.
150m from Mt Waverley Railway station.