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MeepleCon 2019

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Mathew U.
MeepleCon 2019


Meeplecon, held on Friday the 6th of December until Sunday the 8th, is the annual Australian end of year celebration for all things boardgames.

Presented by Melbourne Meeples Inc, and proudly sponsored by Mind Games Northcote and Mind Games Melbourne, MeepleCon is sure to delight board gamers of all ages.

Dates and Times
Fri 7th Dec 2018: 5pm-11pm
Sat 8th Dec 2018: 9am-11pm
Sun 9th Dec 2018: 9am-6pm

What's on?
There’s sure to be something for you, if you’re a new player, there’s plenty of friendly gamers willing to teach you games. And if you’re an old hand, it’s a chance to play the games you love and newer games fresh from Essen.

Ticketing info and further information to come soon, RSVP to keep up to date.

14-22 Gaffney Street Coburg North · Melbourne
382 spots left