Northern Suburbs Euro Gamers

This is a past event

9 people went

Price: A$3.00 /per person

Gatekeeper Games

323-327 St Georges Rd · North Fitzroy

How to find us

We'll be set up in one of the function rooms.

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Join NSEG (Northern Suburbs Eurogamers) for an afternoon of board and card games of every style at

For one day only: Gatekeeper Games
(who are our super fine MeepleCon sponsors) at 323 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North.

We'll be starting from midday and going until we get kicked out or everyone falls asleep.

What sort of games do we play?

We have:

• Games for beginners (which we call gateway games) like Ticket To Ride, Carcassonne, Splendour, Small World and King of Tokyo.

• Strategy (Euro) games like Power Grid, Lords of Waterdeep, Village, Imperial and Suburbia.

Thematic games (that involve lots of dice and role play) like Betrayal at House on the Hill and Dead of Winter.

* Party Games (quick and easy games) like Resistance, Spyfall and Time’s Up.

* Card Games like Love Letter, Uno, Fluxx, Bohanza, Red7, Munchkin.

* And much much more! And if you love a game, bring it along and show us… maybe we’ve never heard of it and will love it too!

We do a rules explanation before each game (unless everyone has played it before) so don’t worry if you’ve never played (or heard) of any of these games… we welcome new players!

Oh! And....

If you're feeling like you need to play more boardgames this weekend, GateCon ( will be held at Gatekeeper Games from Saturday 26th at 11am until Sunday 27th at 11am.