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Ready to race armed robots around the most OSHA-unfriendly factory every built? Sign up here!

RoboRally is the other great game created by Richard Garfield back in the 90s, and I'll have my original set along with the Armed and Dangerous/Grand Prix expansions ready. In RoboRally, we will be steering our robots around factories filled with conveyor belts, lasers, crushers, pits, walls, and more, trying to be the first to tag all the numbered checkpoints and win the race. The complication is that we're each dealt 9 cards at the beginning of each round (turn left, move forward 2, move back 1, etc.), and we each secretly program 5 cards we will execute this turn. Then we proceed with each of those 5 phases, moving/turning and interacting with the factory equipment.

Whereas this may sound difficult enough, as your robot takes damage, you begin getting less cards each round, eventually reaching the point where your 5 programmed cards can get 'locked' in place (when you're dealt less that 5 cards). Fortunately, you can shut down your robot to heal your damage, and we each get 3 'lives' (in case your robot is unfortunately driven into a pit). Combine this with special weaponry and equipment we can find, and this is a game of spectacular action (and, of course, hilarious catastrophes)! Come join me and Squash Bot Tuesday!

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