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Although Acquire lacks the flash of a new game, this 50+ year old Sid Sackson classic is timeless combination of investments, money management, and luck!

Players draw a hand of 7 tiles that can be fit into a 108 block grid (1a - 12i). Each turn a player puts one of his tiles into play (drawing to replace), forming a new company if 2 tiles are adjacent, adding to an existing company, or merging existing companies. The player then can buy up to 3 stocks from existing companies. Once companies merge, the smaller company is absorbed into the large company, but shareholders in the smaller company receive cash dividends and can trade their shares for more cash or for shares in the now enlarged company. Company stock values (as well as dividends) are determined by the size of the company, so players must balance investing in small companies (to grab cash) and investing in large companies (for the big end-of-game payouts). If any of this sounds boring, that's only because you've never played Acquire!

For those familiar with the printings, I have a late 60's 3M bookshelf copy - I won't be using the reviled cardboard Avalon Hill edition.