What we're about

Boca Bros is a group of Bros from Boca who are between 24-38 ish years old and don’t want to commit to being friends, workout buddies or any other role that would eventually lead to helping someone move or pet-sit.

We don’t have time for a friend because our job, relationship or lack of desire for friends keeps us away from maintaining a friendship.

Maybe you moved here recently, maybe you were raised here, maybe your planning your way out. Either way come be a bro with us. We don’t talk about politics, religion or in complete sentences.

We will set a time and place to bro it up. Have a few laughs over beer or coffee while telling funny stories about our trials and tribulations. We will leave without making any new friends which is what we all are truly seeking, isn’t it?

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Boca Bros Kick Off Party

Crazy Uncle Mike's

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