BocaJS - React Native - Learn why the Evergreen Companies chose it!

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Learn why we at The Evergreen Companies decided to build with React Native!

Choosing the proper platform for mobile application development is critical to a company's ability to add and enhance features and meet market demands. The platform determines the portability of available development resources, the development workflow, and the long-term sustainability of the projects.

There are three categories of mobile apps that all have their pros and cons:
1. Native, ie. Swift, Kotlin
2. Cross-platform, ie. React Native, Xamarin
3. Hybrid, ie. Phone Gap, Ionic

This month we'll be without our main organizer (Damian Montero) which will be searching for himself in Machu Picchu, but I'm sure he'll find himself enough for the event at the end of the month (check our IoT event)

Our amazing co-organizer Jermbo will take the reins so be prepared to see the kind of amazing event that he usually runs up in Palm Beach for Palm Beach JS.

As always our amazing sponsors; Gravity IT Resources will be providing you with Pizza and Drinks and MORE importantly... FREE CASH for anyone you pass on to them that they find a job for. And unlike the OTHER recruiting firms they'll give it to you in CASH!!!