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Shamanic Journey with Patti Hawse and Cheryl Kilduff
Come and enjoy a Spiritual Journey and Healing Experience through this Shamanic Journey (Deep Guided Meditation/Sacred Circle) facilitated by Patricia Hawse and Cheryl Kilduff! After setting intentions (that what you wish to gain from the journey experience), ALL will be relaxed with drums and meditative prompts as we go into a deep relaxed trance-like state where healing can occur. We will then work on opening and clearing the Chakras, releasing old energy and patterns which no longer serve us, while running healing energy to every cell in our bodies. You will then "journey" to gain insight into questions or issues, relieve stress or pain, resolve old conflicts and relationships that bind you, and HEAL. You will also connect to your Angels, Spirit Guides, Higher Beings and Totem Animals that show up for you. Afterward, much time is taken to “process” your experiences so they can be taken into your life, forward. Wear comfortable clothing, bring a blanket, pillow and eye covering if you have them and a bottle of water. A journal and a pen is a must to record your journey. Come and Enjoy this drug free head trip. It is truly a sacred and magical experience where great healings (and accelerations along the spiritual path) have taken place! The more open souls in the journey circle, the more powerful the journey. YOU DO THE HEALING ~ THE DRUM AND THE GUIDE SIMPLY HELP ESCORT YOU THERE. Patti Hawse is the Founder of KarmaFest, A Shamanic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Adept in The Modern Mystery School and Swami Inductee. She has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University and is a Devoted Devotee on The Path. Cheryl Kilduff, known as, Reverend Cheryl, has been a Minister for Universal Life Church for 17 years. She was adopted into a Lakota Tiospaye in 2014, being honored with the Chanupa in 2013. Her love of traveling has given her the opportunity to experience many ways of “being.” Her dedication to Mother Earth and all life forms has her sending out prayers and performing Sacred Ceremony at many occasions. As an event coordinator involved in native and indigenous studies she believes, “We are the Ones we have been waiting for.” SAVE YOUR SPACE BY GOING TO WWW.KARMAFEST.COM/EVENTS

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What we're about

How do you feel about your body?

Can you accept yourself just as you are, right now?

Can you accept others as they Are?

What would it be like to be comfortable and fully at ease with all of who you are,

all of what is?

Can you allow yourself to be worshiped?

The seeds of unconditional love must be planted within.

Delight of our body’s sensuality and sexuality can create a rich and fertile soil.

Through a series of safe exercises in a loving and sacred space we will deepen our intimacy with ourselves sowing the seeds of self love.

With deepening practice and patience those seeds will blossom to release a joyful fragrance infusing our lives with the sweetness of bliss.

Through dancing, moving energy in our bodies and interactive mediations we will get in touch with the body's wisdom, let go of misery and welcome more joy in our lives. Expect lots of laughter and some tears as we deepen our relationship with ourselves opening the doors of our hearts.

Come discover the treasure of wisdom hidden within your body.

Learn to embody your true Divinity with grace and ease.

Unleash the God and Goddess within.


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