Past Meetup

Body Language and the Emotions behind: read and use them. A practical workshop.

Price: €9.00 /per person
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Why do I scratch my nose while you talk to me? What does it mean? Why are you sucking your pencil? You keep rubbing your nose and lips, I can see that...

How can I get the Power to invite you to the movies?

How can I sell something to you?

How can I improve my relations with the important people of my life?

What we will do:

- Introduction to Body Language

- Body Language and the Emotions behind

- Emotional Self, Rational Self, Power

- Body Language in Practice: let's give it a go!

But be careful: you might keep practicing for the rest of your life!


Hands are for humans like the stick is for an orchestra conductor

(Demond Morris, The Naked Ape)