What we're about

We are a Community of Spiritually Minded Individuals providing spiritual tools to transform our personal lives and help make the world a better place. We are a spiritual community that honors all paths to discovering our Spirituality and can help you experience a personal relationship with your expanded self. We offer a variety of services, programs, and classes to assist you on your spiritual journey and meet like-minded friends and share your spiritual growth.

Mediumship / Psychic Readings, Reiki Sessions / Certifcation Courses, Energy Healing, Sound Therapy, Guided Meditations, Past Life Regression, Crystal Therapy, EFT, Angel Communication and much more !!

Past events (39)

Halloween Seance

BOTI Studios

Sunday Spirit Service (Mediumship Demo)

Colby Psychic Rebel

NoHo New Earth Expo

Beverly Garland Holiday Inn

Mediumship Tuesdays in Los Angeles

St Michael's Redeeming United


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