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Cultivating a relationship with our bodies allow us to access the intrinsic knowledge to self-heal simplifying our lives, significantly reducing stress, and improving our overall quality of life. As we deepen our inner relationship, we become more attuned to the body’s subtle communications. This increased awareness allows us to delve into the true nature of our physical form (and alchemic properties). Our body holds the ancient wisdoms of Nature and the universe as well as the secrets to creation.

Body Alchemy is a Meetup group for creating our internal and external experience via the body. We have ongoing healing events and a weekly depthwork group. The depthwork is integrated with experiential mind-body and journeying modalities for self-discovery, rejuvenation, and personal-transgenerational healing. We also have an online discussion group.

The unified consciousness field of our bodies supports our individual and collective healing and evolution. The Earth and all of her inhabitants are one organism.

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Body Alchemy Journeywork Meetup

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1st Journeywork Meetup

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