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RESULTS-Oriented class with full meal plans provided! Free Body Love Challenge includes weekly class, meal plans, Q&A, weigh-ins and measurements. No exercise required.

This food plan has been meticulously calculated and tested by Dr. Brandy and is created to get you FAST results in a healthy way without feeling deprived...AND, to help preserve/restore your hormone health, adrenal function and metabolism.

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"Keep On Loving" - The Heart Health Class that Saves Lives!

Cardiovascular diseases and stroke cause 1 in 3 women’s deaths each year, killing approximately one woman every 80 seconds. THIS IS AVOIDABLE about 80% of the time - and that's the conservative estimate. Too many people have been led to believe that "dad had a heart attack, it's just genetics, I probably will too." This FREE class will probably be the most life-saving one we've taught yet. Here's what you'll learn: *The real CAUSE of heart disease/stroke and the RISKS to watch for *The MOST ADVANCED blood labs to order to evaluate your heart health *WHAT do these blood labs really mean? Cholesterol too high? Too low *Plus ANSWERS on what to do, what's reversible, when to get help We'll leave plenty of time for QUESTIONS so please bring them! In the past guests have asked these types of questions: "Can anything be done if the test shows you have a genetic risk?" "One doc says I should take a statin & the other says no, how do I decide?" "Can I eat eggs? Do I have to stop red meat? Should I take aspirin?" "Doesn't fat raise your cholesterol? Don't beans prevent heart disease?" "Should I run a 5k? Should I rest? Should I do yoga?" "Do I have to lose weight? Can someone thin have a heart attack?" "How is diabetes connected to heart disease? Is coffee okay?" "I've heard of Leptin-resistance - what is it?" "Why didn't my PCP already order LDL particle size/number, MPO, Lp(a), Lp-Pla2, RLP, CRP-hs, etc?" THE ANSWERS WILL SURPRISE YOU!!!!! BONUS - If time allows I'll live demo Nutrition Testing and show some of the techniques I use to address these issues from a holistic health standpoint utilizing both an eastern and western approach. THIS IS A ONE TIME CLASS - Please show up on time so we may start right away as we'll have a lot to cover! We HIGHLY recommend that spouses attend together - this is information you'll will both want to hear. NOTE: To get the FULL 8 week BODY LOVE CHALLENGE experience attend the first class on 1/9 (The Chemistry of Food), then the following 4 classes after for the Weight Loss & Detox, attend one of our free Cooking Classes and finish with the Heart Health Class in February - that's 8 WEEKS TO A NEW YOU!!! Yes, all the classes are free of charge :) Questions? Please call Katie at[masked] or email [masked]

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