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Are you a stud/AG/boi/masculine-presenting (MOC) lesbian who wants to date other masculine-presenting women? Find it hard to meet others like you? Worried about the stigma that persists in communities of color? Tired of heteronormative femme expectations? Got a homie you’ve been crushing on, but felt like your friends wouldn’t understand? This group is for you.

There are tons of S4S forums online, but this once-a-month Meetup is specifically for masculine-presenting lesbian women who want to make friends/date/hookup with others like them. Although we appreciate the entire spectrum, this space isn’t for stems, andros, femmes, transmen nor hetero folks. This is a safe space for 100% masculine-presenting women to meet, share, date, have fun and socialize. So DO share this Meetup online in your S4S groups. We’ll do pre-planned parties (eg) Pride, check-out sporting events, movies, and whatever else you all suggest👍🏽👍🏽

No more guessing whether or not that boi you’ve been watching across the club is interested. No more worrying about offending fragile MOC women who think S4S is ‘gay’🙄. Come meet other masculine-of-center women, have some fun and get to know a forbidden section of the dating pool.

We will gather for a fun activity on weekends (unless a special event happens during the week).

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