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We are a Boise based non-profit dedicated to outdoor adventures with dogs. As our name suggests we specifically like Hiking with Dogs, though we offer biking, backpacking, camping and other outdoor experiences! We are run by an area dog trainer and behavior specialist, Pine (president), and a dedicated dog owner, Kristina (Vice president.) We are open to all dogs, all ages, all breeds, and all skill levels of people! Even if you've never been hiking with your dog before we welcome you to join us and learn how! We keep things as casual as we can, and try to always make sure everyone is having a good time. We were founded in September 2014.

While we go to great lengths to ensure everyone's safety, ultimately your safety and that of your dog is YOUR responsibility. Your behavior, and that of your dog's, is also your sole responsibility.

Upcoming events (5+)

Hiking foothills east of town

Burger King

RSVP opens a week before the event in order to better assess weather. Going to explore some foothills east of town. About 45 minute drive (not far but we'll go slower on dirt road for about 5 miles). Descent road. This isn't an impossible trail, but more difficult that standard foothills hike. Need to have a good attitude and dress appropriately (lots of layers). May include a stream crossing and/or snow depending on weather. Bring a lunch snack, treats for the dog and water for both of you. Some people find trekking poles helpful.

Regular Obedience Weekly Class

private arena


This is a weekly Obedience Class. As part of a larger series or a stand alone it a great class to drop into and practice skills. We cover heeling, stay, impulse control, and other basic skills that need repeated practice to master and maintain. WHAT YOU NEED: + 6 foot leash, no retractable/flexi leads please. + Treats, of high value (like zukes, bits of cheese etc.) + A favorite toy (A ball, squeaky, tug etc.) + Sunscreen and human water (water is provided for the dogs, along with shade.) + If you have a clicker, please bring it. If not one will be provided or an alternative marker can also be provided. WHO CAN ATTEND: Anyone ! Class is all ages for dogs and for humans. Multiple humans are allowed, but please only one dog per handler. Attendance can be continual, or drop-in. Each week class covers a few different skills, and practices together. See you there! (Please do not forget to go to the LEFT of the house and through the chain link gate to follow the fence back to the back of the property to find us. The Arena is behind the house.)

Barn Hunt (Emmett)

Gem County Fairgrounds


Sponsored by Treasure Valley Barn Hunt Barn Hunt is a fun sport for all dogs of any breed or mix that like to hunt with their noses. Dogs search for one or more rats (safely housed in aerated tubes) on a course made of straw bales. The dog has to find the correct number of hidden rats within a set time limit. They must alert to their handler when they have found the rat. The challenge is the handler’s ability to understand the dog’s signs when he finds the rat. The dog must also climb on at least one bale of straw and go through a tunnel. PLAY DAY! 12pm to 2pm for beginning dogs. $10 per dog, $5 each additional dog. It is your choice whether to crate your dogs in the barn or leave them in your car when your dog is not actively participating. This will help with decreasing the urination in the barn and on bales. Looking forward to seeing everyone and everydog !!!!!!!!!

Life 101: Puppy Class

Antoniuk Arena


A five week course on puppy life skills, teaching the foundations of good puppy manners and life skills. The class covers the 5 Basic Skills all dogs should know, emphasizing teaching owners to teach their dogs through the use of positive reinforcement, and motivational training. Classes begin at 9am, Saturday February 23rd, and last one hour. The following Saturday's maintain the same schedule. A make up class is offered at the end of the series for any classes missed. The series costs $125. Owners should bring a 6 foot leash, training treats and puppy's favorite toy. Clickers are encouraged, but not required (and are available to borrow and test out.) Training will surround foundation skills of marker training using motivational rewards, both food and toy rewards. Instructor will cover basics of puppy development and how to teach Sit, Stay, Recall, Leave it and the all important Loose Leash Walking. Instructor will also help owners understand puppy development both physically and mentally and offer advice on dealing with those stages. Class includes hand out materials on skills covered, use of instructor equipment during class and a few minutes set aside for puppy play time. Space is limited! Sign up today! Dates: Saturdays. March 30th, April 6th, April 13th, April 20th and April 27th[masked]am to 10am at the Antoniuk Arena located in West Boise (9390 W. Marigold, Boise, ID)

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Albert's Adoption Day hike (new date due to rain)

Highlands Elementary School

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