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This Meetup Group will focus on the Apache Kafka® technology and its ecosystem, also allowing its members to interact and share their use cases, dos and don’ts, how tos, etc.

We will also hear about the Confluent Platform, Confluent Cloud and topics like Kafka’s Connect API and streaming data pipelines, ksqlDB, Kafka’s Streams API and stream processing, Security, Microservices and anything else related to Apache Kafka®.

If you’re new to Kafka, get a quick intro and then find all the resources you’ll need to continue your development at http://bit.ly/Confluent-Developer-io

We want this to be an active platform for the community, so if you would like to participate by speaking, hosting, etc, please let us know on community@confluent.io

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Uber: Apache Kafka® Consumer Proxy

Online event

Find out about other upcoming online meetups and recordings from past Kafka Meetups all over the world: cnfl.io/meetup-hub ----- *Time below in Pacific time - to find out when the event is in your timezone follow this link: http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/event?lid=8&h=8&sts=26721060&sln=16-17&a=show Agenda (Pacific time): 4:00pm-4:10pm: Online Networking 4:10pm-4:50pm: The talk from Haitao Zhang and Yang Yang, Uber (Q&A as well) 4:50pm: Log in or Join our Slack Space* (cnfl.io/slack) and go to #events to ask any follow up questions! ----- Speakers: Haitao Zhang and Yang Yang, Uber Talk: Kafka Consumer Proxy Abstract: Kafka Consumer Proxy is a forwarding proxy that consumes messages from Kafka and dispatches them to a user registered gRPC service endpoint. With Kafka Consumer Proxy, the experience of consuming messages from Apache Kafka for pub-sub use cases is as seamless and user-friendly as receiving (g)RPC requests. In this talk, we will share (1) the motivation for building this service, (2) the high-level architecture, (3) the mechanisms we designed to achieve high availability, scalability, and reliability, and (4) the current adoption status. Bios: Haitao Zhang is a Software Engineer from Uber. He has been working on Kafka since he joined Uber in 2018. His work focuses on improving Kafka Observability and simplifying Message Consuming from Kafka. Specifically, he built a Kafka Availability Monitor service to track Kafka SLAs; he built a Consumer Group Monitor Service to track consumer group activities; he built a Messaging Consumer (Java) and a Kafka Consumer Proxy to simply Kafka consumers and enhance the functionality of the open-source consumer library. Before joining Uber, Haitao received his PhD degree from UCLA, specializing in Networking Systems. Yang Yang is a Senior Software Engineer from Uber. She has been working on Kafka since she joined Uber. Her work focuses on building and improving services in the Kafka ecosystem. Additionally, she is the major maintainer on uReplicator. Prior to Uber, she has worked at Electronic Arts and Microsoft. --- Online Meetup Etiquette: •Please unmute yourself when you have a question. •Please hold your questions until the end of the presentation or use the zoomchat! •Please arrive on time as zoom meetings can become locked for many reasons (though if you get locked out a recording will be available, but you may have to wait a little while for it! ---- If you would like to speak or host our next event please let us know! [masked]

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