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What exactly IS NLP? And is this group for me?

NLP is a toolset to help us create change in our lives. And the lives of those around us!

It’s as simple as that. So if you’re interested in improving yourself, making the most out of life -- or changing and influencing someone else….

NLP is for you!

And guess what? This group is active and growing! We’re now meeting every single week so that we can discuss and talk about how to make positive changes in our lives!

One of the main tenets of NLP is this:

The more tools you have ready to use, the more successful you will be!

So why not learn a new tool (or two) that can help you more effectively deal with everyday life?

That’s what we do every week in this group. It’s a free meetup (donations accepted) where every week we cover a different tool, we discuss the different areas of life where it can be most beneficial, and then we practice using it!

It’s as simple as that! Our environment is fun, we like to consider ourselves friendly, and none of us are “experts.” But, we all want to grow, we all want to learn, and we all spend our time figuring out ways to better ourselves, our loved ones, and those in our sphere of influence.

Sound like you? Ready for a fun and engaging meetup with friendly people?

Then come and check out our BOISE NLP group! And see first-hand if these tools can help you as well to improve and build the exact person you want to be!

See you soon,

John Wylie of http://www.boisehypnotherapist.com (http://www.boisehypnotherapist.com/) and

David Barron of http://www.EasternOregonHypnosis.com (http://www.easternoregonhypnosis.com/)

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Live 3 Day Professional Hypnosis Training – Boise Idaho

Have You Really Thought About The Life-Changing Power of Hypnosis? Imagine being able to make real and powerful, life-changing differences for friends, family, clients, etc. Wipe out a phobia in a few minutes. Install confidence and self-worth. Help with trauma and PTSD. Help students improve learning skills and even athletic abilities. These are not fantasies or wishful thinking. These sorts of things are done every day by hypnotists the world over. A lot of people may try to tell you that you will need years and years of training to be able to do these things. Those would be the people who don't want you taking business away from them by doing those things RIGHT NOW! YOU CAN BE A REAL HYPNOTIST... NOW! This is the kind of hypnosis you can use as part of a professional hypnosis practice. Pay Online At This Link: https://mindcontrolpublishing.com/product/live-hypnosis-training-boise-idaho/ This Is The Hypnosis Process Developed By Jeffrey Stephens. Jeffrey Stephen died in 2014 but left an amazing legacy having taught his unique hypnosis process to thousands of people. Jeffrey Stephens began is life as a hypnotist when he was 12 years old and first experienced hypnosis at only 11 years old. He experienced full blown hallucinations of being in a jungle with wild animals, the heat, the sounds, the excitement! Jeffrey Stephens hypnotized thousands of people over his 40 year career. From this training you'll learn: How to put anyone into deep hypnosis quickly and easily! How to create lasting changes and do so in 20 minutes or less!! How to install the attitude and the CONFIDENCE of a master hypnotist in yourself! How to get anyone to hallucinate, feel no pain or follow your post-hypnotic commands every time! And that's just for starters! These Unique and Powerful Direct Hypnosis Trainings are for anyone from novice to professional. The weekend training is my Basic Direct Hypnosis Training where you will learn to do hypnosis, and learn the basics of my Direct Change Work System. (See description below) DIRECT HYPNOSIS TRAINING Be A Truly Amazing Hypnotist In Just 2 ½ Powerful, Action-Packed Days Seating will be limited for this training. Once all seats are filled, you will have to wait for another training and another time. You will learn all of the methods and techniques you will need to be a powerful and effective hypnotist! Hypnosis is used to teach hypnosis. This means Hypnosis will be used to INSTALL the mindset and confidence you need to use these skills whenever and wherever you want to! You will get to experience as well as do hypnosis many times during the training, so it will be second nature to you by the time get you back home and start using this with your family, friends or even complete strangers. Overview of the Basic Direct Hypnosis: Topic: Theory 1. Why use direct hypnosis 2. How to get the fastest results 3. What is necessary to induce hypnosis 4. Just how easy it really is to use almost anywhere 5. How the conscious and subconscious minds interact Topic: Inductions 1. How to induce hypnosis 2. Hands-on inductions in class 3. How to intensify the state quickly and easily 4. Utilization to intensify the state Topic: Utilization 1. What to do when you have them in hypnosis 2. Making it a fantastic experience for the subject 3. How to get hypnotic phenomena 4. How to bring them out safely and feeling amazingly satisfied Topic: Therapy 1. My unique 20 min session protocol 2. Smoking session 3. Weight loss session 4. Pain Control Session 5. Cure Phobias 6. Self Esteem Session 7. Stress Control 8. Insomnia Topic: The Amazing Powers Of Hypnosis 1. Stick a hand to the wall 2. Forget a name or a number 3. Get people to hallucinate almost anything 4. How to do it all in a mall, coffee shop, or park bench! 5. Lots of live practice because the proof is in the doing Cost: $895 per person or $1000 for 2 people. Register here: https://mindcontrolpublishing.com/product/live-hypnosis-training-boise-idaho/

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