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=> Membership is closed for now.
=> To be considered for members, we require the following:

1. MUST have read/be reading The Narcissist in Your Life (2019) by Julie L. Hall OR and equivalent resource, which we request you name in the resource section of the approval questions.

2. MUST have left your abusive relationship, are leaving or planning on it, or, if you have chosen to stay, have a strong command of "managing" the narcissist in your life.

3. MUST have outside resources other than support group (reading, therapy, videos, other support groups, writing, etc).

=> We are a virtual meetup until further notice.

Narcissistic abuse and trauma flourishes in secrecy, isolation, shame, and various other methods of power and control. Boise Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse (BSoNA) hopes to help victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse and trauma to move forward and heal. We try to educate ourselves, share resources, heal wounds, grieve losses, unpack emotional and psychological burdens, build healing toolboxes, find our people, and thrive with Love for Self.

BSoNA, as often as possible, is a peer-led support group that is growing tightly-knit and highly vetted for healing and growth. We want to feel safe here and do good work. We share our stories and educate each other. We currently have limited facilitators, so we have a few Meetups a month.


- If you are in immediate physical danger, or in a highly enabling/codependent situation and have not left your relationship, this group is not a good fit. We are not a crisis intervention group, nor do we do counseling.

- If you do not have other resources besides a support group. Healing requires educating yourself and commitment to practice as much and as often as possible.

- We also do not seek revenge or resort to re-hashing here. Abuse and trauma are not our fault, but we are accountable and responsible for our own healing and growth.

Our group was founded by Steve N, a recovering victim/survivor of narcissistic abuse. He is interested in exploring the spectrum of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, including its relationship with Asperger's Syndrome and High Control Religious Groups, as well as seeking to understand the negative impact that narcissistic behavior has upon close relationships, and even how that impact may be reversed. Attachment (theory) has also become a fascinating topic for him, as well as learning why some folks are more vulnerable to abuse than others.

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