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Our group is about helping victims of Narcissistic Abuse to move beyond simply surviving. It's geared toward helping adults who have experienced on-going mental, emotional and verbal abuse while in close relationship with an "ego-centric" & "low conscience" partner, spouse, sibling, parent or boss etc. Also, the care-givers, partners or spouses of adults with ASD or Asperger's may benefit from this group because of the common experience of emotional neglect or even abuse (cycle of insidious torture behind closed doors).

The group is led primarily by Steve Nelson, a recovering victim/survivor of Narcissistic Abuse. I'm neither a therapist, nor do I have any other credentials. But I am a relationship detective. For several years I've accumulated a broad collection of material which I thought might help me & others "repair family relationships". Recently my YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/MendingFamily) narrowed it's focus to exploring the various spectrum’s of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, as well as seeking to understand the negative impact that narcissistic behaviour has upon close relationships, and even how that impact may be reversed. Attachment (theory) has also become a fascinating topic for me. We are learning why some folks are more vulnerable to abuse than others.

I've also spent decades inside a High Control Religious Group. It has been interesting to find many parallels between the types of mind control used by ego-centric individuals in close relationships, and the mind control dynamics operating inside large groups of people, especially those with a charismatic narcissistic leader.

My sister "K" helps to lead the group and keep us on track. We are unique in that as teenagers we left our chaotic/fun/musical family of origin in the most honourable of ways - we joined the US Military! So we are Veterans in every sense of the word. This is a Peer led support group so we share our stories and educate each other on how we ended up being the perfect victim for a Narcissist (a co-narcissist). Our plan is to have a meeting once a month, at first on various topics of discussion, and then later to also incorporate guest speakers who can help guide us further down the path to recovery.

Our goal is to help each other move from a Victim, to a Survivor, and eventually to a place of sur-Thriving! We are not at all interested in "getting even" with those who have abused & defrauded us. REVENGE may be the name of THEIR game, but not ours. A toxic community messed us up, so it makes sense that an empathic & safe community (in addition to the help of a licensed professional & knowledgeable therapist) may help restore us to a place of healing & productivity and Freedom. Come be a part of creating someone else's new story! Please stop by our Photo Album Area (https://www.meetup.com/Boise-Survivors-of-Narcissistic-Abuse/photos/) which has links to many sensible & knowledgeable resources.

Final Note: To help insure the safety of our group, those who RSVP to a meet-up will be asked at some point to share with the organizer (via private message) some of their story - which will be kept confidential. Thank You!

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