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A meetup for cyclists of all ages and abilities to get together and ride. While there are some great local cycling clubs, most revolve around competitive group rides and racing. This group is meant for people who just ride for fun and like to meet other people. All you need is a working bike, a helmet, extra tube/patch kit, and a positive attitude. We strive to make all our events safe and fun!

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Friday Greenbelt (time to get ready for the year!_

Julia Davis Park

Meet by tennis court by restroom. We will ride to the dam. I believe if you do the whole ride this is about 10 miles. I hope to gradually add on distance, so that we are all ready before serious biking for the year begins! All types of bikes and abilities welcome!

Saturday Morning Ride-17 Miles w lunch at Lucky 13

17 Mile early season ride! All Paces, all types of Bikes, Find your pack! https://ridewithgps.com/routes/29515761 Most of route is on bicycle lanes and paths. Ride at your own pace, we usually break into smaller groups all paces. No pressure. You can add optional mileage and Hill climb at the end! (I said optional) This is the perfect early spring ride, even if one spouse rides fast and one is more casual. You will find people to ride with. Any bike in good mechanical condition is welcome. Dress in layers. Helmets are not required, but strongly suggested, (Strongly!) Bring an extra innertube which fits your tires. We will be having tire changing workshops sometime this season, but we can help you if you get a flat. Slime is a good idea, we have Goatheads here. Lunch after, for those who are interested at Lucky 13. Let's get going!

Bike Overnight to Givens Hot Springs

Dutch bros

Weekend ride to Givens Hot Springs and back. A fun, scenic, and relatively mild bike tour. This date is tentative, so leave a comment. We can start from Payette tasting room downtown Boise or Dutch Bros on the edge of town. Awesome Bar B Que in Kuna! Reprint from Kurt last season: Potential itinerary / highlights: • Lunch in Kuna • Purchase provisions for evening/morning at Walter's Ferry • Wacky outdoor museum at Walters Ferry • Camping on lawn at Givens (This is a no dog campground) • Hot spring soak • Lunch in Melba • Travel through some of Boise and Kuna's prime day riding routes This is about a 100 mile round trip ride, make sure you're comfortable with two back-to-back loaded 50-milers. Most of the roads are rural with light traffic but some of the ride is on highway with varying shoulder width. This is a bona fide bike tour, not a greenbelt run. The route is relatively flat except for the descent into / climb out of the Snake River plain. The climb out is short but steep, up to maybe a 7% grade. It's a great trip for kids-- I've pulled mine many times in various trailers and tagalongs (it's a pretty serious workout for mom or dad though). My now 16-year-old has ridden it solo twice now (one way) without any problems. Most forms of human-powered vehicle are welcome, including pedal-assist electric bikes. No internal-combustion assist please. Camping at Givens costs around $20 per tent and includes access to the hot springs. They also offer a couple cabins and trailers for rent. Essential: • Good tires with lots of tread • Spare tube (one for each tire size if recumbent) • Pump and tube repair kit • Enough water to cover 30 miles • Enough food on board to avoid bonking. There are services along the way to avoid carrying more than that. • Good cycling etiquette and vehicular cycling technique. Let me know if anyone needs a refresher. Pro tip: • Sharing a tent and cooking equipment will save you $20 and lighten your load I'll ride to the starting point to avoid leaving a car behind. Starting at the Payette Brewing parking lot along the greenbelt seemed to work OK last year, will plan on that again unless someone has a better suggestion. Links: http://www.givenshotsprings.com/ • Wacky Museum (https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g35529-d8341556-r281212079-Cleo_s_Ferry_Museum_and_Nature_Trail-Melba_Idaho.html) • Map (https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1aUc5JDAr9IzctiIDVE2fwO-ak80&ll=43.42292712578037%2C-116.45025625151368&z=11) Option: If 100 miles seems like a long weekend, consider starting/ending in Kuna to chop it in roughly half. The two groups met in Kuna for lunch and completed the ride together. Here's the route we (mostly) used last year. There are as many possible routes to Givens as there are people in this meetup, folks are free to choose any route they desire. I'll stick with anyone who'd rather just follow. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aUc5JDAr9IzctiIDVE2fwO-ak80&usp=sharing (different routes each way). Meetup rejected the turnsheet I had attached, I can send it to anyone who's interested. Be descriptive but don't exceed 5500 characters-- thanks Meetup.

Intro To Bike Packing-Overnite

Arrowrock Dam

This is an overnight trip to learn about bike packing. All dirt, but not technical. Great way to test your equipment and packing skills. It's only 15 miles each way. You should be comfortable with your bike, this is not a learn to ride your bike trip, it's a learn to pack trip. If you are an experienced bike camper, feel free to come and share your experience. Last year some members continued on to the bar and hot springs for a longer ride. Post if you need gear or have extra to share. I am bringing my small dog. Please change your RSVP if you arent going to make it. Thanks, Judy

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Boise Cyclists-2020 Planning Meeting

The Handlebar

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