#103 [Beginner/Intermediate] Creating And Verifying Zero Knowledge Proofs

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Tyro FintechHub

155 Clarence Street · Sydney

How to find us

Meet in the ground floor lobby at 16:50

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https://iden3.io has released the circom, a circuit compiler for zkSNARKs (https://github.com/iden3/circom), and snarkjs, a zkSNARK implementation in JavaScript (https://github.com/iden3/snarkjs).

Geoff will be working through some exercises to use these tools to create zero knowledge proofs and verify them off-chain and on-chain on Ethereum.

Participants who wish to follow the exercises will need node.js, v8.12.0 or higher. v10.x is best. Download it at the link below.

• Node.js - https://nodejs.org/en/
• Iden3’s Circom Circuits & Snarks - https://medium.com/caelumlabs/what-are-zksnarks-and-how-do-they-work-b07cd18da5f6
• circom and snarkjs tutorial - https://iden3.io/blog/circom-and-snarkjs-tutorial2.html
• Barry Whitehat's GH repo - https://github.com/barryWhiteHat
• ZK Poker - https://github.com/DalaiLlaama/snark-example/tree/master/poker

Adrian will demonstrate his Jupyter notebook integration with the Ethereum APIs.

Bring your laptops as usual.

To help cover the costs of food/drink, please bring a donation. Recommended $20/$10 note if you can, or almost can, afford it. (no worries if you can't)

Photo: “Just the place for a Snark!” the Bellman cried,
As he landed his crew with care;


• Workshops are often recorded for educational purposes and to eventually put online. Attendance is taken as consent.
• PSA: Please be mindful of open source and open community etiquettes. (eg, attributing the source of works that you build upon, and not "stealing" another person's project/idea for commercial gains)


• Meet 10 minutes before the start at 16:50, in the lobby of 155 Clarence Street, Sydney
• If arriving later, please ping the BokkyPooBah's Ethereum Workshop Chat (https://t.me/joinchat/Ep-XOkwa_umKWXXRBGBVVQ) group and someone will come down to get you
• There will be some refreshments. Donations to cover expenses: $20 (those who can afford it), $10 (those who can almost afford it), $0 (those who really cannot afford it).
• The topic details for these workshops can change up to the last minute
• If you have successfully RSVPed or are on the waitlist, please review your RSVP status and cancel your RSVP/waitlist ASAP if you cannot make it to free up the spot for other people
• People from Tyro do not have to RSVP