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The Bolingbrook Fun Run Club Club was organized to help bring people together to make friends, expand social circles and to have lots of fun but still being active by running or training for races.

We have all level of runners, beginners just starting out, to some who have many years of running.

All members and their guests, by joining or attending an event, agree to the disclaimer posted in the Pages of the group. https://www.meetup.com/Bolingbrook-Fun-Run-Club/about/

Our membership predominately includes active, friendly, positive, upbeat, co-operative people in their 30’s, through 80's. This is not a “dating group”, and we will not condone unwanted advances or harassing behavior among our members. Your relationship status and relationship goals are irrelevant for membership in this group.

Bolingbrook Fun Run Club requires our members to have a photo posted that has a legible, full-face likeness of you, and a real name. Group photos are not acceptable - please don't ask us to try to figure out which person in the photo is you. This is to be your PRIMARY photo in your profile, which will help our organizers greet you when you arrive at an event.

If you have some personal privacy concern with this, please email one of the co-organizers and explain the situation.

We ask this first for practical purposes: we'd like to be able to identify you and provide you with a friendly greeting when you show up at a Meetup event. But probably more importantly, some of our events will be held on private property, and for safety concerns we need to know who is planning to attend, with a real name and photo. We reserve the right to delete or block members who don't comply with this.

You may not attend an event at a private location until you have attended at least one event at a public location and met an organizer face-to-face. Also if you were removed from the club and show up to a meetup, we will ask you to leave the meetup.

It is not necessary to RSVP “No” to events you can’t make – this causes additional emails to the organizers, and that gets burdensome with a group this large.

If your RSVP changes for any reason, please update your status as soon as possible. However, if you RSVP “Yes” and your plans change, we expect you to change your RSVP to “No” as soon as you can. If your plans change, please call or text the Organizer to let them know they shouldn’t expect you to attend due to a last minute situation. If you find that you frequently change your RSVP you need to refrain from responding for an event until you are certain about your schedule. Event organizers may decide on an individual basis to prohibit members from attending or move them to a waitlist if they develop a reputation for frequently canceling plans.

We encourage members to bring a camera to events and post the photos. Our organizers and hosts are expected to take pictures and post them from each event. This helps create a lasting record of our events. The organizers reserve the right to remove photos from the site for whatever reason, and in particular if they are offensive, rude, or outside the charter and intention of the group.

If a member has been a “No Show” to 3 events without a call, text or e-mail, we reserve the right to remove the member from the group.

Our group is based HEAVILY upon email communication. With every new event that is posted here on our Meetup site, members will receive an email notification. You will always be kept up-to-date with regard to what's happening with the group. If you do not like receiving e-mails from this group, you can change your settings to control the amount of e-mails you receive. To do this, click on “Members”, then “My Profile”, and then click on the “Edit Communication Settings” underneath your name.

Members are encouraged to use the Message Board to post suggests, ask questions, and share information that is relevant to the group. As with all of our activities, the tone is to remain positive; any abusive or disrespectful posts will be removed, and the member will be warned, with repeat violators removed from the group. In addition, posts that are considered spam, unsolicited business promotions, crude or overly suggestive, or are attempts to “pick up” another member will not be permitted.

It is important to receive feedback from each event. We need to know what worked and what didn’t, so please rate the meeting and also provide feedback or at least a comment with what you thought of the event. Please try to make your comments respectful and constructive.

Ideas (currently posted by clicking in the “Let’s…” box at the top of the group’s Home page) are encouraged, with some reasonable guidelines. Members are not to post self-promotional ideas (if you’re in the travel business, do NOT post ideas for trips). If you have any question about whether you should post the idea, please contact an organizer first, or post the idea to the Message Board first.

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Springing Ahead 2.0

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Springing into Springbrook

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3.14156265 Mile Run / Walk

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Holiday Lights Run/Walk at NRC Wheaton

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