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Naghma Diversity Fusion Experiment
In Summer-Fall 2018, we are going to try something bold and daring. It is called the Naghma Fusion Experiment. It is an attempt to unite the diverse cultures in Denver and suburbs through song and music. In particular we'll be experimenting with creating fusion songs from Arabic-English-Urdu-Persian-Hindi culture. Naghma in various languages means "melody", "music", "tune". It's still in the planning stages and we'll be seeking people who have an ear for song and music in these languages. If you are excited, love to sing and want to be part of this singing group, please look for announcements. There will be rehearsals and a final concert on Sunday Nov 4.

Clements Community Center

1580 Yarrow · Lakewood, CO

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    We Are Bollywood!!

    This group is for Bollywood lovers in the Denver area who would like to get together and socialize in a fun, informal setting. Bollywood ( is a result of a century of cultural integration between cultures from India, South Asia, Middle East and the U.K. It has now become an international culture with more movies produced annually than anyone else in the world.

    Since Bollywood movies, music and dance are often a fusion of cultures, it's a great way to bring together people from varied cultures. It's about unifying people from different cultures and accepting differences as a healthy part of life. How boring if we were all the same!

    Activities planned include Karaoke, Movie Nights, International Pot-Lucks, Hikes, Drama and Acting Events, Reenactments and Dance. We interact with all other international groups in the Denver and will announce and host their events as a mutual friendship exchange.

    Let's use Bollywood as a means to bring peace and love to Denver!

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