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What is Happening to Earth's Vibration? Understanding The Ascension

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Crystal Cognizance

2239B Tacketts Mill Dr · Woodbridge, VA

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Entrance is at the back lower level, overlooking the pond. Call Dahlia at 703-772-4435 if you have trouble finding us.

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Our planet is changing, evolving, and harmonizing with new frequencies! If you are even thinking about this concept, it is a guarantee that you have a Soul Contract to be involved, in one way or another, with this Ascension process.
Many of us have questions and concerns, including: Will Earth separate into multiple planets of varying vibrational frequencies? What will happen to Humanity? What will happen to the various Animal Collectives that are endangered by Global Climate Change? Do we have to incarnate again after this life? Or can we go to another Plain of Existence? What do we have to do and how can we help? Do I need to be concerned about those willfully choosing to harm this planet and others? How do I maintain my vibration while being surrounded but such low vibration news and events?
None of us have all the answers, but we each can see how we fit with this process and do our part to raise our planet's vibration. Bonita was there when Earth was first created and works daily with divine guides that are involved with helping Earth make it through this transformation.
Today's program will be part presentation with guided conversation AND part channeled session. Attendees can bring questions and directly ask Divine Beings and receive specific answers. We don't know who will come through, but Bonita generally works with the Akashic Librarians, Gaia, Jesus, Father Joseph, Ancient Shamanic Beings and various Angels and Collectives. Whomever joins us will be interesting & well informed!
Here is a video of Bonita channeling the Akashic Librarians and Jesus speaking on how one person can create a healing impact:

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Bonita is offering a limited number of 1-hour private Past Life Readings before today's class. Sessions are $100 each and include a video recording of your reading. Available times are 10 AM & 11:30 AM. You can register for your session directly with Arialle at Crystal Cognizance ( at (703)[masked] and you will be sent a private invoice.

BIO: Bonita Woods was born with full memory of her entire existence, including all her lives and her time between lives. She is one of only three PranaShakthi Master Teachers on the American Continent. Bonita weaves this powerful and ancient Hindu practice with her Shamanic roots and ability to travel through dimensions. Additionally, Bonita is an experienced Aetheric Surgeon, Soul Realignment Healer and Akashic Record Reader.
With over 50 years of experience of visiting her personal Akashic Records, Bonita has learned multiple techniques and attunements for working with the Akasha as well as other dimensions of both Higher and Lower Plains. As a child, Bonita was lucky to have an inter-dimensional portal in her back yard. She assumed this was a normal part of life and visited the Akasha, as well as other Realms of Existence, almost daily through her early years. Now Bonita is happy to share the knowledge gleaned from her accrued years of Extraordinary Experiences with you!
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