Aura Photography: What Color Is Your Energy? Get To Know Yourself Inside & Out!

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Ursy's Magical Woodland Cottage

958 Saigon Road · McLean, VA

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At a private residence. Please park carefully on the street.

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Happy Holidays Everyone!
Beautiful Auric Special: To better support friends and family to enjoy this event together, I have decided to share this special offer. Cost for 1 person is $40. For each person you bring, the price reduces by $5 up to a total discount of $15 per person. <3 Today's Special Rates are 1 person = $40, 2 people = $35 each, 3 people = $30 each, 4 or more in a group = $25 each. PLEASE!!!!! Each person attending should being their own tablet or laptop. Smartphones also work but are less quick & easy to get your Aura Photo and information file to you.

Aura Photography & Energy Mapping

Do you ever wonder what your Aura looks like? How your Chakras affect your energetic well-being? Today is your opportunity to find out! Check out our fancy equipment and learn how your electro-magnetic energy and neurologic pathways translate into beautiful visual images. The information you gain is helpful for self-understanding and appreciation. This is a great and fun event to enjoy with family and dear friends. You will learn a lot about your relationships!


This event starts at 2 PM, but don't worry of you are running a little late. We will photograph each person and then then start the presentation & group reading.

Today is your chance to see yourself completely AND learn how to read an aura! We will meet as a group to read our images together. Bonita will explain what the information means and answer questions as you review your information. She will explain how our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well-being impacts our energetic state... and visa-versa. We will discuss different types of energy, such as social, health, focus, intention, emotional, etc... Becoming aware of your energetic details is a helpful tool for maintaining your optimal vibrational levels as well as caring for your physical well-being.

Please bring a laptop or tablet. Each attendee will get an amazingly detailed digital copy of your Aura Photo PLUS some interesting Aura information sheets.

Individual sessions for this process normally cost $135. This is an amazing opportunity to learn a lot about yourself in a cost efficient manner while enjoying a party atmosphere. Everyone will learn how many energetic similarities we share!