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I’m excited to announce that I’m forming a book and film club for people to read materials and view films (focused on personal growth) and come together to discuss how we can use the information to grow and evolve in our personal journeys and relationships.

These discussions are open to the public and are completely free, but I do require that you register in advance, so that we know how many will be participating.

The reason I started this...

Do you believe in synchronicity?

A lot of my clients talk about being inspired by similar kinds of things. This past month, I think I heard someone mention that they re-read The Four Agreements many times over one week. So, I thought it’s a perfect book to discuss right now.

And as far as short films go, I’m always asking my clients to look for models of relationships that would be inspiring for them. These films might show relationships that don’t inspire us, but it’s important to notice the small details of interpersonal relationships, so that we can look at some of the things we haven’t noticed before in our own interpersonal worlds with people.

• Who are we attracted to and how do people engage us?

• How do we feel when we are around certain people?

• How do we read people’s energy?

I’m hoping that the selection of short films and books will lead to some positive and interesting conversations.

I also started this club project because I really want people to go beyond just reading posts to applying concepts to their lives. It’s almost like learning how to use self-help books instead of just reading or watching things without having a dialogue about the psychological impacts of the subject matter and how you can use it.

The details:

The Club convenes twice per month on Thursdays (beginning May 14th, 2020) at 7:30 PM PSTThe second Thursday of each month will be a book discussionThe third Thursday of each month will be a short film discussionClub meetings are held online only via Zoom, with an open chat (no video) (call-in numbers will also be provided for those without access to a computer/internet connection)Advanced registration for each event is required to attend that event (use the link in the event detail)Books and films will be announced no less than 2 weeks prior to the discussionSessions will be held as long as there are at least 3 participants registered within 24 hours of the callClub meetings are facilitated by Susan Regan, MFTParticipants are expected to demonstrate respectful communications during the sessions. Anyone who does not will be asked to leave the session.

To get started...

Review the upcoming discussions and register [ https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMudeqsrj4tGdM_5cLQ7pqQwxy4fX9BIqHj ] for the sessions you wish to attend. Download or purchase the upcoming book or film from the venue of your choosing (at your own cost) (or click the link to view, if available).Read the book or view the film!Join the calls and let's talk about what we learned, thought and how we can apply it to our own lives.

If you have any questions, please contact me (https://www.relationshipsolutionsprograms.com/contact).

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