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Why you should be a part of Book Buff Company?

While reading a book one comes across lot of things that needs to be shared and discussed. Book Buff Company offers enough listening minds who will love to hear your thoughts.

If there is any truth in the statement that friendship is based on mutual interests, then these meetups are bound to be the beginning of many friendships.

Simply because there are many other who can benefit from your learning and what you know.

Member of Book Buff Company comes from diverse background experience. It can be a great place to seek expert help in various fields. Start Ups, classical dancing, business consulting, science, marketing, writing to name a few.

So whether you are a voracious reader or looking for inspiration to start reading more, this is the place for you.

What you can expect in the Meetup sessions

This is how our meetup session generally flows.

• Any member starts with a concept, idea, thought or an excerpt which he/she has read or feel to be discussed

• The discussion flows with other members coming in the discussion with their own inputs on the subjects being discussed.

• Discussion from members tries to bring multiple perspective on the subject .

• Leads to other topic and the sequence follows.

• Usually the meetings conclude with smiles, sharing of different genres of ideas, books and a take home of valuable knowledge.

For people who have not attended any of our Meetups, this is how the session flows. There is no definite rule or a guideline for the discussion or meeting to happen (which we believe is an interesting and engaging way of learning). We encourage members to discuss different varieties of books they have read and share their views, if it appeals to the broad interest of other members present in the group.

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