What we're about

Book Club Bloemfontein is all about books and reading. We come from all walks of life, young and old, rich and poor, one thing we all have in common is a love of reading books and talking about books.

How it works: We meet once a month. Each month has a topic or challenge. It is up to you to find any book that fits this months challenge. You can read ANYTHING; fiction, non-fiction, romances, biographies, poetry, screenplays - whatever you want. You can interpret the topic however you want.

The fun is getting to hear about what other people read and how they interpret the topic. Its a great way of finding out about new books and authors you might enjoy.

Join us for a fun afternoon sharing books and chatting.

The meetings will be predominantly in English but you can read a book in any language you like. You can even tell us about it in Afrikaans (or any language) and I will do my best to pretend like I understand.

PS please dont leave me hanging by not pitching to meetings. let me know if you can no longer make it.


Past events (10)

Theme: Fireside read - Inperson event

Oliewenhuis Art Museum

Read a book set somewhere you have never been - Inperson event

Sugar & Spice coffe shop

New Years Magic - In person Event

Pretty Gardens

Read a book about Adulting - In Person Meeting

Sugar & Spice coffe shop

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