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Come share a glass of tasty vino with new friends and a good read!


Posted on 2/18/20

Hola hola ladies!

I wanted to take a quick sec to share some exciting news! I've decided to hold a second monthly meeting to help meet just a small sliver of the demand for more availability of the meetups. I have heard the complaints of not being able to get a spot from many of you and I'm genuinely sorry I haven't been able to address the issue. I didn't have a solution I was comfortable with until now, but I am truly grateful that a lot of you spoke up to help get me to this point.

I cap meetings at 8-10 people for a very specific reason - it creates a space where everyone gets a chance to speak, to listen, to question, etc. and to feel comfortable doing so. When I started this book club two years ago, I would have NEVER thought it would be successful enough to warrant more than one meeting a month. If I'm being completely transparent, I legit almost threw in the towel after a meeting where only one person showed up. I absolutely love that there are so many amazing women in and around Philly that want to be included in something bigger than their own views and opinions and I truly wish I could dedicate more than two nights a month, but alas, this is where I'm currently at.

I am going to test out a new space that I think will be great a fit and if it works out like I hope, I'll be adding a second monthly meeting. March's book is Normal People and there's a good chance I may add a second meeting to the week of the 23rd if all goes to plan.

Thank you for joining my book club - truly. Even though it's not possible for everyone to come to meetings, I think it shows just how big the demand for a solid book club for women is. If anyone ever begins to tinker with the idea of starting their own, please don't hesitate to reach out to me! Yes, it's scary and yes, it could totally fail BUT it could also be one of the coolest things you've ever done...so far!

I really look forward to meeting more of you and having wonderful discussions about some of the best books...and some of the worst...over wine and laughs!

- AJ

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