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We are a serious but fun group of bibliophiles and read everything from current events and public policy to history, science, and literature and the occasional play, graphic novel, or collection of poems.

Our membership includes individuals of all ages and from a variety of careers and cultural backgrounds. Everyone is welcome to join and we do not promote a particular political or social position and welcome all points of view.

We've got two rules: please read the book before attending a meeting. And please don't RSVP to attend and then no-show. Best,



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B&B Meeting: Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II

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Everyone, please join us on Monday, June 6 at 7 pm to discuss
Embracing Defeat: Japan in the Wake of World War II (https://amzn.to/3LtbAjc) by John Dower (https://bit.ly/34FSju9). The book is 564 pages.

Embracing Defeat, which won both the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, is John W. Dower's brilliant examination of Japan in the immediate, shattering aftermath of World War II.

Drawing on a vast range of Japanese sources and illustrated with dozens of astonishing documentary photographs, Embracing Defeat is the fullest and most important history of the more than six years of American occupation, which affected every level of Japanese society, often in ways neither side could anticipate. Dower, whom Stephen E. Ambrose has called "America's foremost historian of the Second World War in the Pacific," gives us the rich and turbulent interplay between West and East, the victor and the vanquished, in a way never before attempted, from top-level manipulations concerning the fate of Emperor Hirohito to the hopes and fears of men and women in every walk of life. Already regarded as the benchmark in its field, Embracing Defeat is a work of colossal scholarship and history of the very first order.


B&B Meeting: The Status Game: On Social Position and How We Use It

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Everyone, please join us on Monday, July 11 at 7 pm to discuss
The Status Game: On Social Position and How We Use It (https://amzn.to/3w59Plh) by Will Storr (https://bit.ly/3LKdVWM). The book is 437 pages.

What drives our political and moral beliefs? What makes us like some things and dislike others? What shapes how we behave, and misbehave, in groups? What makes you, you?

For centuries, philosophers and scholars have described human behaviour in terms of sex, power and money. In The Status Game, bestselling author Will Storr radically turns this thinking on its head by arguing that it is our irrepressible craving for status that ultimately defines who we are.

From the era of the hunter-gatherer to today, when we exist as workers in the globalised economy and citizens of online worlds, the need for status has always been wired into us. A wealth of research shows that how much of it we possess dramatically affects not only our happiness and wellbeing but also our physical health – and without sufficient status, we become more ill, and live shorter lives. It’s an unconscious obsession that drives the best and worst of us: our innovation, arts and civilisation as well as our murders, wars and genocides. But why is status such an all-consuming prize? What happens if it’s taken away from us? And how can our unquenchable thirst for it explain cults, moral panics, conspiracy theories, the rise of social media and the ‘culture wars’ of today?

On a breathtaking journey through time and culture, The Status Game offers a sweeping rethink of human psychology that will change how you see others – and how you see yourself.


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B&B Meeting: The Nineties: A Book

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