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I am looking for a few good readers to engage in great conversation about intriguing topics. I would like to read all sorts of books from fascinating fiction to noteworthy non-fiction. In other words, I like to learn about new topics, but I also love to discuss human nature as presented through cleverly crafted novels. I expect that our chosen books will sometimes be central in the discussion, and sometimes will be touchstones for other interesting conversations. The group is open to any free-thinking, open-minded, individuals who are interested in a wide variety of topics and will enjoy discussing them with like-minded individuals. I have also started a parallel meditation meeting, for those interested. Just another way to come together and share common interests!

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Bible Myths and their Parallels in Other Religions

This is a very long book, or really a collection of information. But each chapter is sort of self-contained in that he compares many major Bible stories separately. So you can pick and choose which stories interest you the most. The theme is the same: this has been said before. It's just fascinating to hear the other ancient myths and how similar they are to the Bible. Bible Myths and their Parallels to Other Religions, by T.W. Doane https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01IVQDXEE/?coliid=IOJ0OTEN0LROQ&colid=2U06TO2QY2PW5&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Note: this is relatively expensive in hard or soft cover, but the kindle version is $1 and can be read on your phone. From Amazon: ""He who knows only one religion knows none."—Prof. Max Muller. "The same thing which is now called Christian Religion existed among the Ancients. They have begun to call Christian the true religion which existed before."—St. Augustine. "Our love for what is old, our reverence for what our fathers used, makes us keep still in the church, and on the very altar cloths, symbols which would excite the smile of an Oriental, and lead him to wonder why we send missionaries to his land, while cherishing his faith in ours."—James Bonwick." Exact location sent by email a few days prior. Please check your junk mail if you don't get it!

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