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How to be a Successful Failure

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How to be a Successful Failure

by Steve Baker

So, when was the last time you met a guy who was sued for $1.4 Billion?

Well meet Steve Baker.

Steve built an incredibly successful company that did $500 million in revenue in its first year. But then between a $1.4 Billion lawsuit and the stock market crash the company blew up. Steve was forced into bankruptcy and lost everything he had.

Steve knows that in business and life you can do everything right and it can still all go wrong. From his experiences, he wrote the award winning book PUSHING WATER UPHILL With A Rake: Memoirs of a Successful Failure.

Steve shares his first-hand experience of business tips to build a successful business but also explains that you will fail as you go through life. He learned that the road to success is paved in failure and it's not if you fail but how you handle failure in your business and life that counts.

A serial entrepreneur who has started many successful businesses, Steve is a small business advocate and business advisor with a passion for helping startup companies grow. He embraces absurd thinking to help create innovative ideas in marketing and business development to help business succeed. He writes articles for Colorado Biz Magazine and is a frequent public speaker to business groups and universities. He lives in Littleton, Colorado where he is an avid poor golfer. His website is

About Steve Baker

As a business owner, corporate executive, and business adviser, Steve Baker has the unique ability to generate immediate and sustainable improvements in business. He has a rare blend of creativity and detailed planning with a laser focus on bottom-line results.

Steve directs strategic business development through three basic areas:

• Think, Plan & Do. Business development of sales and marketing strategies from product planning and introduction, marketing materials, sales programs, and promotions to grow sales and increase market share.

• Develop "market orientation" throughout the entire organization to create an awareness of, sensitivity to, and involvement for the customer by every employee in every function.

• Build a strong corporate communication plan and positive public relations program to increase the awareness of the company to maintain a highly credible image with the customer base, the investment community, and the general public.

It is through this total management approach that a company, regardless of size or industry, can gain a competitive edge to succeed and profit, and Steve has the proven transferable management, sales & marketing, and leadership skills to help lead a company into its next chapter of growth.

• As a business adviser, he specializes in developing new areas of market penetration and product distribution and sales. By building strategic alliances, he has taken start-up businesses to millions in revenue.

• Creates and executes breakthrough business and marketing strategies.

• Author of the award winning book PUSHING WATER UPHILL WITH A RAKE,

• Using his strong communication skills as a public speaker, Steve enjoys combining wit with wisdom to help people improve their business and their lives.

• Director and host the Start-up Junkie Underground, a business networking organization of the DaVinci Institute to help and inspire small business growth and success.

Specialties: Public speaking, writing and PR skills to promote companies.

- Creating breakthrough business and leadership strategies.

- Ability to identify and seize new opportunities.

- Crisis & Change Management - Ability to quickly analyze, adjust and adapt to change.

- Ability to manage multiple projects/events and deadlines simultaneously.

- Contract negotiations and strategic alliances with national and international associations.

- Ability to identify new and unique market opportunities

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