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Brianna leads a 50 minute, all fitness level based bootcamp at Viridescent Kitchen in Plano. Afterwards you can choose to stay to enjoy Ish Vegan’s Cajun brunch (separate cost) and talk about nutrition with Matt Silvio, certified sports nutritionist, type 1 diabetic, and obese turned Iron Man triathlete and Ultra runner.

About Matt and Brianna Silvio:

We lost over 145 pounds together doing what normal people do. No magic pills or fad diet. No weird drinks or meal replacements. We worked hard in & harder in the kitchen. We believe in eating whole foods, from plants, to fuel your body and mind.

Brianna is a licensed national fitness instructor as well as a teacher, holding a masters degree in mathematics. She’s been coaching clients since 2008. Brianna has two small children and has become one of the faces of postpartum fitness in North Dallas. After birthing her daughter (2015) she could not loose the weight she gained regardless of caloric deficiency, exercise etc. Postpartum depression came on fast. So, she changed her approach and lost 90 lbs and worked through her PPD. Fast forward four years, Brianna had her son in May of 2019 and weighing in at 10.4lbs she feared it would be the same cycle; however, by maintaining her WFPB diet she feels successful and happy today.

Matt is a sport nutritionist and has a masters degree in geoscience. He battles many auto immune diseases, the most challenging being Type 1 diabetes, and incurable chronic condition where he needs daily injections of insulin to stay alive. He has always been active, weight training mostly, but over the years he found it increasingly harder to keep his weight in check. At his heaviest, 270lbs, Matt was taking significant amounts of insulin (~120 units/day) and suffering from fatigue and depression. After taking control of his diet and learning how to eat for his disease while adjusting his fitness routine he has since dropped 75 lbs and is only taking 17 units of insulin a day. His most recent A1C came in at 4.5%. He is now happier and healthier and is motivated to help others that suffer manage them.

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