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What is Bootstrap At Breakfast?

We have now two active chapters one in Bangalore and one in Bhubaneswar.

We meet every alternate Sunday 8AM Morning over breakfast at Bangalore and once every month at Bhubaneswar, where founders from early stage startups and aspiring entrepreneurs meet to share ideas and leverage thoughts with other folks who are serious about growing a business based on internal cash flow and organic profit.

It is now widely understood that less than 3% of startups get funded at Idea stage and <15% pre revenue in India; Given that situation a group of young entrepreneurs felt it would be meaningful to create a pragmatic platform for entrepreneurs. Where entrepreneurs can come and talk about their pain share their problems/issues which sometimes they can't share with anyone else including friends and family.

Its not easy being an entrepreneurs for an early stage startup, this platform may allow them to find a friends who can relate to their pain meaningfully and emotionally.

Who Could Join?

Join other entrepreneurs if would like to eat problems for breakfast, compare notes with others, exchange ideas, learn from others’ mistakes, brainstorm with peers, find partners, indulge in serious conversations about growing a business based on internal cash flow and organic profit.

Important Notes

There will be no talks in the meetup, we only have round table discussions.
Though we focus on non-funding related issues, we don't discourage people who are opting for funding; bootstrapping is not an emotion, sometime its a choice or a need in an Indian context.
Our focus is on issues for growing a business, not on VC fundraising. This is not for entrepreneurs who want to meet VCs.
In the same time, we are not against VC or company raising fund; its rather a support group for people who don't get VC or external funding.

Before Coming to Meetup

Once you RSVP if you have any specific problem/issues please post it in the event's page in advance, this help others to be prepared and make the discussion more meaningful.

For ongoing discussion use Facebook Group:

Bangalore: http://www.facebook.com/groups/bootstrap.blr/
Bhubaneswar: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bootstrap.bbsr/
Guwahati: https://www.facebook.com/groups/bootstrap.guwahati/
Patna: https://www.facebook.com/groups/451801761566508/

We have started one in Patna and one in Guwahati and hope to see them active very soon...

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