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Is somebody in your family diagnosed with or suspected of having Borderline Personality Disorder?

Are you the recipient of what seems to be irrational, extreme responses to what you consider to be normal situations? Does whatever you try to do to help seem to backfire? Do you feel confused, powerless, and frightened? Are you looking for tools and techniques to decrease the frequent volatile and emotional episodes that lead to crisis situations? Would you like to BECOME PART of the SOLUTION, INSTEAD of PART of the PROBLEM?

This is not just a support group but a place to learn that honors your motivation to help by providing tools and actual techniques to improve communication and repair estranged relationships.

Get the true facts about BPD. There is a neurological explanation of BPD symptoms: different brain circuits in BPD lead to misperceptions and misunderstandings. This understanding will help you predict behaviors, identify triggers, and prevent escalations. All TARA Method information is based on the latest BPD research findings and techniques derived from evidence-based treatments.

This is a DROP-IN crisis clinic. Meet members of the TARA Team and other family members facing similar problems. Each meeting will have one hour of skill training instruction and two hours devoted to discussing your personal problems. All discussions are based on evidence-based treatments and sound scientific understanding of the neurobiology underlying BPD.

The meetings are based on the techniques described in Overcoming BPD, A Family Guide For Healing and Change by TARA president, Valerie Porr.

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