What we're about

Hey, all!

This group is going to aim to fight the crushing boredom and existential ennui which permeates our daily lives, and give us all back a little joie de vivre!

This group is geared to women/female-presenting people in their 20s and 30s. If you feel like you don't get out or socialize much, or if the friends you have never give you the time of day, this may be the place for you. Who knows, maybe you'll make some new friends or connections here.

Any activity this fair city has to offer is on the table! ^o^ Restaurants, karaoke, outdoorsy stuff if the mood strikes!

Past events (5)

Afternoon at the YATAI MTL Festival

Needs a location

Karaoke Night!

Needs a location

High Tea at the Ritz

Needs a location

Dinner at Japanese Resto

Needs a location

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