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Journal Club: RNA-guided gene drives for the alteration of wild populations

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After seeing the very inspiring talk of George Church at the MIT Museum this week, we will address a very hot topic of synthetic biology for our next journal club: Gene drives.

If you don’t know what they are, or if you want to know more about them, join us! You can find this open source paper at the following link:

The agenda for the journal club:
• Short overview of the papers to understand the scope of the paper. So it is clear what is important and what is not.
• Go over the paper figure by figure. So everyone understand what exactly was done and how it was done.
• Free form discussion.

Previous reading of the paper is not required but much advised. It will help to do not get lost.

See you all soon!

The Boslab team

Location update:

The location changes to MIT Center for Biomedical Engineering, Room 216 (500 Technology Square Cambridge). It is a big building with rounded corners windows to the left from Technology Square. A couple of us will be waiting at the main entrance to let people in. Look for this face If you are lost or got late call (256) 361-9184, someone will let you in.

500 Technology Square Cambridge, MA 02139 · Cambridge, MA