Journal Club: Cpf1 - Class 2 CRISPR-Cas System

This is a past event

9 people went


We will be talking about recent advances in the DNA editing techniques based on CRISPR/CAS9 family of endonucleases.

The paper which we are going to discuss:
Cpf1 Is a Single RNA-Guided Endonuclease of a Class 2 CRISPR-Cas System

The agenda for the journal club:
- Short overview of the paper to understand the scope of this work.
- Go over the paper figure by figure. So everyone understand what exactly what was done and how it was done.
- Free form discussion.

Previous reading of the paper is not required but much advised. It will help you to follow along. As well some prior knowledge of basic biological concepts will be very useful: what are genes, the central dogma of DNA -> RNA -> Proteins, and some general understanding of how endonucleases work.

See you all soon! The Boslab team


The journal club is taking place in the MIT Center for Biomedical Engineering (500 Technology Square Cambridge), room 189 (to the left from the main entrance). It is a big building with rounded corners windows, to the left from Technology Square. The doors are automatically locked around 6:30PM. If you are lost or got late call (256)[masked], someone will let you in.