Marco Bitran Invites for a New Yachtmaster Ocean Weekend

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Marco Bitran Invites for a New Yachtmaster Ocean Weekend

Sailing education is the most important part of starting your new adventures. Read more at

Observing the history of yacht accidents and other unfortunate maritime challenges recently, Marco Bitran said "I'm convinced that in the overwhelming majority of these cases the lack of knowledge and experience of captains proved to be the indirect (often the main) cause. Importantly, this does not apply only to the so-called Rookies but often also experienced and experienced sailors.

Discover the secrets of navigation with the use of a sextant, prepare for ocean practice, learn about global meteorology and electronic navigation aids. The Yachtmaster Ocean course is for people with the Yachtmaster Offshore certificate who want to prepare for their first ocean flight and the Yachtmaster Ocean exam.

During the course with Marco Bitran, you will learn all the topics needed to conduct astronomy. You will also learn how to calculate a compass correction, learn the secrets of satellite navigation and all the skills needed for ocean sailing. The means of satellite communication and methods for obtaining weather forecasts will be discussed. The course is conducted in English ( Marco Bitran also speaks Spanish, so in case of language problems you will receive appropriate help).

Marco Bitran Training program

The PZX triangle

The tabulated components of the triangle, LHA, co-lat and polar distance
The calculable components, zenith distance and azimuth
Relationship between zenith distance and altitude
Introduction to the tabular method of solution in the air navigation tables and the basic sight form
The use of calculators for the solution to the PZX triangle

The sextant

Practical guide to the use and care of a sextant at sea
Conversion of a sextant altitude to true altitude
Application of dip, side error, perpendicularity, index error and collimation error
Measurement of time

Definition of, and relationship between, UT, LMT, standard time and zone time
Relating of chronometers and watches
Meridian altitudes

Forecasting time of meridian altitude
Reduction of meridian altitude sights
Your instructor
Who conducts the training: Our cruises are run by experienced skippers including Marco Bitran certified RYA / MCA Yachtmaster Offshore / Ocean Commercially Endorsed, working according to the highest professional standards. In training cruises and during theoretical courses you are under the care of instructors certified by RYA to conduct the course and examine it. Each SAILPRO instructor is subject to annual verification during the verification of the quality of education in the training center by the RYA assessor.

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