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Given the changes due to Corona we are transitioning to digital waivers. We haven't been collecting paper waivers due to the distancing rules, so starting this year we will use a form for them: please take a moment to fill out:



We are just a bunch of friends who want to do something about the lack of organized adventure bike riding (offroad) in the Boston area. We're beginner friendly and are here primarily for fun and advancing skills all around.

COVID-19 rules: We're adhering to all state mandated rules. There are still quite a few of us have not been vaccinated or have vulnerable close family. Respect everybody's choice and be kind.

Basic rules:

• Riders are required to have a current registration and insurance coverage on the motorcycles they attend BAAG events with.

• Some rides might require additional OHRV registrations for the appropriate states

• All riders attending an BAAG event are required to wear a DOT approved helmet and are strongly encouraged to wear full riding gear.

• Motorcycles attending BAAG events must be properly maintained and serviced at regular intervals to ensure the vehicle is safe/sound for on & off-road conditions.

• When attending a BAAG event, riders are strongly encouraged to follow staggered formation on tar roads which shall be maintained to be best extent possible unless conditions dictate otherwise (1 sec intervals or a larger distance deemed safe for conditions) and single file in dirt (2 second + intervals or a larger distance safe for conditions).

• Upon attending a BAAG event, riders and guests shall strive to adhere to all jurisdictional laws and regulations and respect all others utilizing the bi-ways being traveled (automobiles, pedestrians, bicyclists, horsemen).

• Avoid passing other riders during a ride. Position switches should be organized and executed at breaks. This helps to avoid surprise situations and thereby accidents.

• Riders shall ride within their comfort/skill level at all times. We will always wait for riders to finish a section at their own pace. We are here to have fun and not to create another stress factor in our lives.

• To ensure the pack stays together and are able to follow the route, all riders attending a BAAG event (with the exception of the sweep rider) shall strive to be visible to the rider behind them, especially prior to making a turn. If a rider is unable to see a trailing rider behind them, they are to slow down/stop until the rider is in sight. If the trailing rider does not come into view after a reasonable amount of time (minutes not hours), the leading rider is to backtrack to find the trailing rider and provide any assistance necessary upon doing so.

We will revise the rules over time, right now this makes us sound much more strict and un-fun than we actually are!

Taking suggestions!

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