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Boston Area Cookbook Club is a group of cooking and eating enthusiasts who love to try out new recipes. It works much like a regular book club but with the added bonus of cooking then sharing prepared dishes from the selected cookbook.

Each meetup a new cookbook is selected by a host who opens their home to the group. People sign up to attend and tell the group which dish they plan to prepare 3-5 days prior to the meetup. The fun part is at the Meetup. There we share our dishes in a potluck and talk about the cookbook!!

If you have a book you'd like to recommend, or would like to host, please let me know. New ideas are always welcome.

Happy Cooking!

Susan Katcher

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Healthy Sheet Pan Cookbook + Donna Hay Desserts

Susan's House


For this meetup, we get to try a cookbook, free of charge, just days after it's published (February 5th)! The premise of The Healthy Sheet Pan Cookbook, by Ruthy Kirwan, is that you can bake a delicious meal on one sheet in the oven. Let's judge for ourselves! Advance copies of this cookbook are available from GalleyMatch, a program of The Cook Book Bookclub. Once you sign up for this meetup, I'll forward the cookbook as a pdf, which couldn't be any easier. To supplement this, you can alternatively choose to make a dessert from Donna Hay's latest cookbook, Modern Baking. (For those of you who know, me, I don't consider a meal complete unless there is dessert!) Although Modern Baking was just published in 2018, there are plenty of recipes from this Australian best selling cook available on her web site. ******************************************************************************* General information about this meetup: Pick a selection from the cookbook ahead of time. Post your recipe so two people don't make the same thing. On the day of the event, bring your dish cooked and ready to eat. We then enjoy a cross section of dishes from the cookbook, sharing a meal and thoughts on the book. The nominal fee is charged to cover the cost of monthly meetup fees and wine.

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Milk Street!

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