What we're about

We'll meet every month or so, to work on and help each other with designing and making your own synths (modular, etc). Bring your PCBs, components, soldering irons, breadboards, etc, and any equipment you need for debugging.

Note: Most of these meetups are at someone's house and so usually there is a limited number of people allowed (around 4-6). If you sign up, please show up. It's not cool to sign up and just not show up unless there's a good reason. Someone else could've had that spot...

Past events (7)

Synth DIY January meetup

Cambridge Hackspace

Synth DIY - Build a SEM1A VCF module

Mike's house

DIY Synth Meetup in Feb 2018

Mike's house

October 1 meetup at Matt's

Needs a location

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