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Have a great time putting your random knowledge to good use. Pub trivia is a fun social event. We compete with other teams at the bar for prizes and bragging rights. If you have played before you know the drill. If you have not, it is fairly easy to catch on.

Saying you aren't any good at trivia is no excuse not to join us. Do you watch TV? Movies? Listen to Music? Eat? Know a little history? Geography? Sports? Science? Everyone knows something about the world and can make a great contribution to the game as well as to the conversations while we play. A diversity of knowledge makes both a better trivia team and a more interesting and fun group. Come on out!

Trivia is free. Please bring cash for what you eat and drink. It makes splitting the bill much easier and often is necessary in order to redeem gift certificates for past wins at the same venue. When you arrive at a large venue, please ask where trivia is held and they will tell you or take you there. Occasionally people have arrived at a large venue and have not been able to find the group.

If your plans change please update your RSVP as soon as possible. Late cancellations, and even worse no shows, inconvenience the event organizer and other members of the group. Members with excessive late cancellations and no shows will be removed from the group.

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Pub Trivia Special Event

Tavern Allston

We are having a special event. It is especially for those new to the group or 'new again'. You are new or 'new again' if you have not played since January 1, 2018 or have only played once or twice since then. This meetup is open to everyone. We will be making special efforts to introduce those new or 'new again' to trivia and/or to the group. There will be some free appetizer(s). If there are at least 10 people there will be an ice-breaker game at 7:15 with prizes; designed to make it easier for those new or 'new again' to win. If there are less than 10 people there will be a trivia game with a prize or prizes. Then we will to eat, drink, and socialize until trivia starts and between questions during trivia. Trivia starts at 8:00 & ends at about 10. You joined this group to play trivia and/or to meet new people right? This is one of your best chances to do so. At our meetup we are going to sit around a table, eat, drink beer, wine +/or soda and play trivia. After questions are asked the DJ will play a song and we will discuss possible answers as a team. When we think we have the right answer, we will write the answer down and bring it up to the DJ. For the remainder of the song we will either a) second guess ourselves or b) gloat knowingly that we nailed the answer. After the answer is read we will a) high five or fist bump b) clap or c) look around to see who's high fivin', fist bumping and/or clapping. This goes on for two hours on select Tuesday nights. Have fun, socialize and exercise your brain; all at the same event. Our usually diverse knowledge base frequently is a winning knowledge base. If you haven't come out yet, what are you waiting for? Unless you have something more kick ass going on on a Tuesday night, there's really no excuse, get off your butt and come play some trivia! Please don't forget to bring a pen and cash. We have gift cards to redeem from previous wins and it always is much easier to split the bill with cash than with plastic. Tavern is T accessible and If you are driving there is meter parking and you usually can get a spot within two or three blocks. The meters run until 8PM so less than $1 pays for parking for the night.

Play Stump Trivia in Back Bay


McGreevy's is a fun baseball themed bar in Back Bay. We played here before and have done very well. McGreevy's has an excellent beer selection. It is the standard Stump format; no higher percentage of sports questions than other bars. Trivia starts at 7:00. Please arrive at 6:15 to meet, drink, and socialize. Put your esoteric knowledge to work and have a fun social night all at the same time! Please bring cash rather than plastic because it is easier to split the check and also we have a gift certificate to redeem. Also please bring a pen.

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Play Stump Trivia at Thorton's

Thornton's Fenway Grille

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