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Bike the Minuteman Trail - relaxed sightseeing, picnic & ice cream

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Minuteman trail is one of my favorite bike path in the city - it conforms to all levels, completely flat, paved with scenic lakes, golf course, house and shops dotted the sides where ppl can stop and enjoy at their leisure. So if the weather is in our favor in a few weeks, that is what we will do on a late sun morning.


For those with bikes, we will meet at 10:45 sharp right by the dunkin donuts as u exit the ticket exit and right before u come to a ramp to ur left that got an arrow pointing to Bertucci, please make a strong effort to be early, we have over 30 ppl attend this, leaving at 10:50, if u r late, ride HARD to catch up.

For those without Bikes (currently counted as 7): please drive directly to Bike Stop in Arlington before 11am, so u get First dip on their Bikes, believe they got 10+ bikes for rent and free parking on street / lot. I believe our groups will take all their bikes, so if u plan to be fashionably late, u will have to rent a bike from Bicycle exchange in porter and catchup

Ok, everyone will meet at Bike Stop around 11/11:05am, we will do a quick meet and greet, go over the rough outline of schedule, and we ride first to Lexington, and if the group is not winded, then to Bedford, on our way back we will stop by a mouth water inducing ice cream joint in lexington and maybe some food if ppl r really hungry, then we ride for some sun by the pond at Spy pond, and if we didn't have lunch in Lexington, we can ride into Davis next door and get some stupendous food and adult beverage at Redbones

we will be riding at a leisurely pace, but if someone of u are of the Tour De Minuteman mind, u r welcome to go all out and to finish line first, just remember to find ur way back

Key on logistics:
1. It looks like we got 7 ppl that need bikes, which is great, remember get there early than 11 so u don't get stuck without a bike to rent

2. given I will be coord 2 groups together totalling 30-40 ppl, it will very fun but I will be following a very strict rule concerning meeting time / place - aka, Don't be late. If in doubt, get there early.

3. Ppl asked me if they can head off in the middle of the ride, OF course, am not Putin!...the trail is right alongside major townships so ppl can ride off for their appt as needed, just give me a shout so I don't think u got lost (which is not easy to do). We will all ride to Lexington, which is a easy 4-5 mile ride, then we will take a pause of group there to see if the group splinter into sub-groups

4. If u r going to cancel, please do it by 24 hours before the event, I believe in 1 no show and done for my future events.

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