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Wine 201 - The Oak Effect
At last, a follow up to the very popular Wine 101! Have you wondered: What is an "oaky" taste in white wine... and red wine? How does oak fit in to the wine-making process? Are there different kinds of oak barrels used, and if so, how do they impact flavor? This tasting event will be organized and presented to answer your questions about the oak effect. Our hosts are once again a wine professional who specializes in European wines and an educated oenophile who is a fan of New World wines. They will work together to select a series of wines that demonstrate the different qualities of oaked and non-oaked wines and will lead us - in their entertaining fashion - through the tasting. ******To secure your spot, please send $35 in advance through PayPal to Jill at[masked]. Please choose "Send Money to a Friend" otherwise Paypal will collect a fee. The entire payment will be used to purchase wines and snacks - this is not a for-profit event. You can ask for a refund if you cancel before we buy all of the wines on November 9. If you cancel after that, please let us know and we will try to find another person to take your spot so that we can send you a refund.****** Please bring: 3 Wine glasses Some details: We will explore 5 series of comparable terroir/varietal wines with and without (much) oak for comparison. Series I: Chardonnay: a white varietal with a wide spectrum of oak and no-oak effects with passionate advocates of both styles. Series II: Cabernet Sauvignon: a red varietal with a medium spectrum of oak to very little oak (opinions vary). Series III: Rioja: a Spanish region which mandates the use of substantial oak in its red (Rioja Tinto: Tempranillo). We will compare 3: traditional (lots of oak), modern (less oak), and a straight oak-less Tempranillo (technically not a "Rioja" but from the same region nonetheless). A Rioja without oak? Let's see. Series IV: Sauvignon Blanc: a white varietal regarded as too delicate and light-bodied to support oak. No one expects oak here, but we found one for comparison. A Sauvignon Blanc with oak? Let's see. Series V: The Mystery Pair: a pair of wines from the same (French) terroir/vintner with and without oak. The difference is more subtle than the typical California difference. This pair will be blind, so that attendees can test their newly acquired oak-discrimination prowess.

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